Food column: only good news about food

Food column: only good news about food

Jul 10, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
With this new column, we want to give you some good news related to food. It's a fantastic world and many times provides us with the chance to smile. You will find information about restaurants openings, good properties of some ingredients, events, books about food, and charity ideas. 

Good news related to food

Newspapers and media in general every day put each of us in front of the difficulties of our modern society. Sometimes it is difficult to find good news, and it can be hard to read all the bad events around us in the whole world. We are a community of food lovers; we try to give you some tips on how to eat healthy, what to cook, and the history behind ingredients. With this new column, we will provide you with some good news related to food! 

The Minnesota State Fair, which stayed closed last year, will return.

Let's start our first column with news coming from Minnesota. Life is back to normal after the pandemic. So, the Minnesota State Fair, which stayed closed last year, will return. People visiting it will find 27 new kinds of food to study and eat. There will be some options with meat and some for the vegans too. This Fair is the largest state fair in the United States by attendance. That's why it is excellent news to see that everyone involved with the Fair is back to work after one year of stop. Its slogan is "The Great Minnesota Get-Together" and runs for about 12 days. It is a really great opportunity for the business. This year's State Fair will be open from Aug. 26 through Labor Day

North Carolina: from a food truck to a restaurant

Let's go now to North Carolina, in Greensboro, where a father and son opened a restaurant together thanks to the success of the food truck experience. We are talking about Joe Wyatt and his father William; together, they have 50 years of restaurant experience. Joe explained that the food truck, which stayed open for eight months, became so popular that they had to open a restaurant. The menu is a mixture of southern comfort food and drinks. It is called: Ben's Boyz, and because they become busy almost right away, there are today other family members working in the business. We wish all the best to all the new restaurants around the United States serving the best food quality. 

Round of applause to Google

Google is putting in place new resources for people struggling with food insecurity across the U.S. The news website "Find Food Support" connects people in need to food support resources, including the Google Maps locator tool to show the closest local food bankschool meal programs pickup location, and phone numbers people can call to have more info. The idea comes after the pandemic increased the food crisis in the U.S. Some 45 million people experienced food insecurity in 2020. 

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