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Rome, the world's best food destination for 2023
Feb 16, 2023
The capital of Italy is crowned the city with the best food once again.
Best winter detox soup: carrot, ginger, and chicory
Dec 28, 2021
Did you overindulge in huge lunches and dinners during the holiday season? Did you enjoy way too much panettone and pandoro? It is time to detox!
National I Love Food Day: what to pay attention to when grocery shopping
Sep 09, 2021
September 9th is a unique, holy holiday for foodies. We celebrate life's most wonderful pleasure. Try a new dish or make your favorites of the occasion, but always be careful about the quality of the ingredients you buy! 
"Italian Cuisine" Candidate for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Status
Aug 18, 2021
We have numerous monuments, sites, and exceptional art recognized by UNESCO, now is time to add Italian cuisine! We would be biased, but who can doubt that Italian cuisine is one of the most relevant globally? 
Person of the month: Andrea Belfiore
Jul 30, 2021
He is a musician, his love for music started at the very young age of 4. He came to America to pursue his career after winning a scholarship in 2007 to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston...
Italian food is the safest in Europe
Jul 29, 2021
Here comes good news for foods produced in Italy! Enthusiasts of Italian cuisine have one more reason to indulge in our delicious specialties. If you were looking for one more motivation to love Italian food...