Ten delicious Italian street foods

Ten delicious Italian street foods

Dec 09, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Rome and Palermo were recently named among the best top 20 street food cities in the world. Rome took 6th place, Palermo was 16th. Here's our little guide of beloved sweet and savory bites.

The art of eating well while standing

The general idea that everyone has of Italy is that we like to eat well and lazily relax at the table for a long time. In reality, however, we are champions even when we eat on the road! in short, we like to eat well in practically every situation: whether it's a time-consuming lunch with relatives and friends or a bite on the fly. Here's a little guide with our street food favorites.

  1. Pizza al taglio

It means literally "pizza by the cut." This pizza is baked in rectangular trays and sold everywhere in rectangular or square slices, called "tranci." This pizza was created in Rome, but it is very popular throughout Italy. In Naples, you will find the iconic pizza a portafoglio (wallet pizza). The name came from being taken in the hands and folded just like a wallet.

  1. Arancine

These fried balls of rice are beloved Sicilian specialties. Arancine are filled with meat ragù, cheese, and peas. They are a very popular snack sold in rotisseries throughout Italy. To taste the best arancine, however, you'll have to go all the way to Sicily!

  1. Olive all'Ascolana

These fried olives were invented in Ascoli-Piceno, a beautiful city in Marche region. Olive all'Ascolana are stuffed with meat, breaded and fried. You can buy a "cartoccio" (a cone of paper).

  1. 'O pere e 'o musso

The name (literally pig foot and snout) suggests something vaguely gross. Yet this Neapolitan specialty is simply delicious. It is boiled pig and cow, served with salt, lemon, and green olives. Go to Naples and taste it. You will love it!

  1. Gelato

Gelato is the king of street food throughout Italy. When you visit Italy, don't forget to try some artisanal gelato: creamy, rich, delicious!

  1. Porchetta

It is roast pork, very savory, and seasoned with garlic and herbs. Porchetta is usually served as a panino, a sandwich. The most famous Italian porchetta comes from Ariccia, a city in the Lazio region.

  1. Cuoppo

We're still in Naples to sample this delicious fish-based street food. Cuoppo is fried seafood served in a paper cone. Usually, cuoppo contains small fish and calamari topped with a slice of lemon.

  1. Panzerotti

This half-moon-shaped fried bread comes from Puglia. Panzerotti are stuffed with cheeses, tomato, or prosciutto cotto, the Italian ham.

  1. Piadina

This flatbread comes from beautiful Emilia-Romagna. Piadina can be served alone or stuffed with your favorite ingredients like mozzarella or prosciutto cotto.

  1. Lampredotto

"Panino al lampredotto" is a very famous Tuscan street food. A Florentine specialty, Lampredotto is made by cow stomach cooked with tomato, onion, celery, and parsley. Typically, it is served in a bun dipped in broth and it is topped with salsa verde.

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