Halloween 2020 is not cancelled!

Halloween 2020 is not cancelled!

Oct 31, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

The countdown to the scariest holiday of the year has begun. But what will happen this year?
Halloween is here, yet the scary thing isn't ghosts or the walking dead!  Instead, we find ourselves apprehensive due to so many restrictions and lockdowns.  Halloween has not been canceled, but like so many other activities, it will be different this 2020!  Let’s celebrate this pandemic-era Halloween in safety, without taking unnecessary risks! As the American families begin to plan Halloween, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers some useful recommendations to keep our celebration safe. “When planning to host a holiday celebration – says the CDC - you should assess current COVID-19 levels in your community to determine whether to postpone, cancel, or limit the number of attendees.”
In Los Angeles the county's public health director advises residents to avoid Trick or Treating as it seems “an inappropriate activity during a pandemic."  The national CDC recommends avoiding direct contact with trick-or-treaters; instead give out treats outdoors, if possible or set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take; wash hands before handling treats. And of course, always wear a mask.  Whatever your Halloween plans are, stay safe! Some alternative ideas? If you have kids, you can organize a virtual party or – if you have a driveway - maybe a nice drive-through event for the neighborhood children!
Get creative and keep the Halloween spirit alive! Here's our 2020 Halloween tip: stay safe at home and cook some themed pumpkin dishes with a little Italian twist! Dedicated initially to remembering the dead, the “All Hallows' Eve” celebration is becoming more popular every year in Italy! Halloween doesn't belong to the Italian culture, but still Italian cities and “piazze” host pumpkin carving and costume parties. And kids are completely in love with spooky decorations, ghosts, zombies, and the funny trick-or-treat tradition…But they ask: “dolcetto o scherzetto”?

For your Halloween at home, try this simple and delicious recipe: rigatoni pasta with butternut squash sauce. If you don't have time to cook, let Bio Orto do the job for you! Do not miss this organic butternut squash sauce: It will be your secret ingredient for a quick and tasty dish. Add this genuine and creamy sauce to your rigatoni. We recommend using our Cuomo rigatoni, cooked just al dente.

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