National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day. Which is the sweetest city in the United States?

Oct 28, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Celebrate this important day with Venchi and its artisanal chocolate.

Have you ever been to Hershey? It’s a town in Pennsylvania, located between Philadelphia and Lancaster. It is home to the famous eponymous  chocolate company, and, thanks to its chocolate factories, the smell of chocolate greets you as you enter the town. Almost all of its residents work in the industry, and even its street lamps and benches are shaped like chocolate. The town was named Hershey to celebrate Milton S. Hershey, the father of the iconic American chocolate brand. 

It’s easy to understand why International Chocolate day is celebrated on  Mr. Hershey’s birthday on September 13th. But don’t worry: though September is over, we have another chance to celebrate chocolate: October 28th is national chocolate day, giving us the perfect opportunity to indulge!


Go for artisanal chocolate 

A small piece of chocolate every once in a while can boost your mood. In order for it to have this positive effect, however, you have to snack on dark chocolate instead of milk, and you must pay attention to the brand you select: artisanal chocolate is always better for you

It’s easy to associate Magnifico Food with extra virgin olive oil, or tomato sauce, pasta, and rice, but don’t forget that we also distribute Italy’s very best chocolate. Venchi, a company founded in Turin in 1878, has created over 350 chocolate recipes to date. Nougatine was their first invention, and the recipe for this sweet treat has not changed since its founding. 


How to celebrate national chocolate day? Party!

How should you celebrate national chocolate day? Usually, we’d advise you to go to a restaurant and enjoy all the chocolate desserts on the menu. However, during these difficult times, we understand that you may not want to go out for dinner. You can organize a party with a small group of friends at home! Serve your guests a homemade dessert, such as chocolate cake, mousse, tiramisù with pieces of chocolate in it, or ice cream with hot chocolate on top.

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