How many Spritzes? Here is our guide

How many Spritzes? Here is our guide

May 20, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

In addition to the basic recipe, there are many other Spritz variations.

The formula for happiness

It is the perfect formula for happiness, especially in summertime: one-third sparkling white wine, one-third bitter, and one-third sparkling water. This is the recipe for one of the most loved cocktails in Italy and, finally, in the world as well: Spritz!

From Veneto to the world

The formula of Spritz was invented in the middle of the 1800's in the beautiful region of Veneto, in northern Italy. According to the legend, Spritz was born as an aperitif among Austrian soldiers stationed in Veneto and Friuli regions, during the Habsburg domination, between the 1700's and 1800's. The soldiers diluted the wine with sparkling water or seltzer to lower the alcoholic content. The rapid spread of Spritz in all Italian regions has made it one of the most revisited drinks ever. 

Many versions for the most famous aperitif in Italy

Let's start by saying that even the most classic version can vary according to your area. In Treviso, for example, Spritz is served with prosecco and Aperol or Campari with a slice of orange or olive; if you go to Venice, on the other hand, you will not find bubbles, but the wine will be white and still together with Select or Cynar liqueurs. Instead, in Trieste, Spritz is served with wine and sparkling water according to an old Austro-Hungarian tradition. Here is a list of the most exciting variants of Spritz to be tried.

Spritz Select

Spritz Select is the Venetian Spritz. Unlike the original Spritz, this version uses Select instead of bitter, a sweet red citrus liqueur. The drink is decorated with orange or lemon slices.

Cynar Spritz

It is prepared with the most famous Italian artichoke liqueur, Cynar, and non-sparkling white wine.


It is the favorite Spritz in the city of Brescia. The ingredients are still white wine, bitter and sparkling water, and an orange slice in this drink.

White Spritz 

It is unusual because the color is transparent. It is a very light drink. The ingredients are white wine, soda and lemon juice.

The perfect aperitif

In any way you decide to drink it, Spritz is the perfect drink for the ritual of aperitif. If you want to make it at home, maybe taking advantage of the warm weather, we suggest you accompany the Spritz with some simple appetizers. For example, you can prepare a tasty "tagliere" with Italian cheese and salami, accompanied by crunchy tarallini and salty snacks. A cheese and cold cuts board is always a great idea because it is effortless to prepare, and above all, it is delicious.

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