If You Visit ITALY, Taste It First!

If You Visit ITALY, Taste It First!

Sep 01, 2019Donatella Mulvoni

There are a million reasons to visit Italy. Those who love beauty loves this country; rich in culture, history, architecture and, of course, nature. Italy has some of the most beautiful cities and beaches in the world. Regardless of whether you like the mountain or the sea, big cities or small villages, you would be remiss not to also pay attention to the culinary and wine adventures Italy has to offer.



Our culture has many different regional dishes and what better way to learn the land than by way of food? Every single corner has ancient recipes made with genuine products. If you choose to amaze your eyes in front of the magic Amalfi Coast, for example, you can´t miss the taste of the famous lemons or spaghetti with colatura di alici, the true essence of the Divina (yes, we call it “the Divine”). Everywhere you stay in Campania, you can try the best mozzarella di bufala and if you are sleeping in Naples, of course, pizza margherita is a must!



If you’ve never been to Rome, you should go not only to visit the Colosseum, St. Peter´s Basilica or the Trevi fountain, but also to enjoy an amazing carbonara or bucatini all´amatriciana with guanciale and tomato sauce. 



Going north with our eno-gastronomic tour, how you can miss the cities where Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma are made?  Emilia Romagna region has one of the richest culinary traditions in Italy and the cities are vibrant and full of history. If your vacation is in Genova, it´s impossible not to try spaghetti with pesto Genovese. If you are shopping in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, rest a bit and savor one of the many risottos that the city offers.



If you prefer instead to go more to the islands, and you pick Sicily, you have to be crazy if you don´t try the amazing arancino, the rice ball, while you are sitting in the beautiful Piazza of Catania. If the airplane brought you into Sardinia instead, give yourself a break from the noise of the daily life and enjoy this paradise, full of incredible beaches. The experience goes to the next level if you look at crystal clear water, with a glass of vermentino wine in your hand and a plate of seafood fregola (it is handmade from semolina) on the table or spaghetti with bottarga, our famous dried mullet’s roe.



If this year you are not lucky enough to visit Italy in person, you can still dream of visiting any of these amazing cities, preparing at home one of the typical dishes of our culture. The variety is expansive, but the quality of the ingredients is the same. Every dish in Italy is made with the best pasta, or rice, or the extra virgin olive oil. You can also look for natural tomato sauce, already made. Magnifico will be happy to help you to find the best ingredients from our culinary traditions.

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