Italy on the road

Italy on the road

Sep 05, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

A camping vacation might be the best way to discover the beauty of our nation. And of course, don't forget the famous "pranzo a sacco."

A record number of UNESCO sites to discover on the road

There's so much to enjoy! Italy holds the world record of sites included in the list of World Heritage Sites: 58 places. That's why an on-the-road vacation could be the perfect way to discover the beauty of Italy and taste delicious specialties. If you have time on your hands, visiting the boot on the road will give you incredible emotions. In fact, Italy offers a perfect mix of history, culture, art, beauty, and nature that will captivate you. To this, we must also add fantastic food and a delightful climate.

Exploring Belpaese 

Camping is a perfect way to experience everything "Belpaese" (Italy's nickname, meaning the beautiful country) offers. On the road, you can combine relaxation and sightseeing. From medieval cities to ancient Greek and Roman towns, majestic lakes, grand natural parks, incredible beaches, and museums exhibiting some of the world's most important works of art. From north to south, Italy offers many opportunities for those who enjoy camping. Experienced camping tourists, for example, have always loved Lake Garda, whose territory is shared by three regions: Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. You can choose Trentino Alto Adige and the Dolomite valleys if you love high altitudes. Tuscany also offers many locations that allow you to spend your vacation surrounded by nature. Another beloved destination for campers is the beautiful island of Sardinia, which offers many perfect destinations for an on-the-road vacation. In Abruzzo, Gran Sasso Park allows campers to have a wonderful experience of the Apennines. Further south is the beautiful Calabria. Here, sea-view campsites are plentiful and will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The best glamping in Italy 

This year the Certificate of Excellence for glamping (glamour + camping) awarded by goes to Capalbio Glamping in Capalbio, in the province of Grosseto (Tuscany), around 90 miles south of Florence. This town is a charming medieval town in southern Maremma Toscana.

Pranzo a sacco, packed lunch

In Italy we call it "pranzo a sacco," or packed lunch. It means preparing simple dishes for yourself to eat while on the road, on a trip to the mountains, or at the beach. Usually, Italians employ the cooler bag for food and thermos for coffee. It is an economical and practical solution. To prepare the classic Italian "pranzo a sacco" you don't need to be a chef! All it takes is a little goodwill. Usually, we prepare sandwiches. Among the most traditional choices are sandwiches with tomato and tuna; sandwiches with cured meats such as salami, ham, or mortadella; to these is added the delicious version with prosciutto and mozzarella. There is no shortage of the famous frittata di pasta, with eggs, spaghetti, or any other pasta of your choice.

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