Online grocery shopping is here to stay!

Online grocery shopping is here to stay!

Aug 30, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

Customers' preference for online and delivery orders has increased. Also, people are more focused on the best value and healthy eating.

Online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular 

The trend is clear: the online grocery shopping market is already considerable and is expected to improve. According to recent researches (US Online Grocery Report for 2022) by Spryker Systems, a digital commerce platform specialized in food trends, 47% of Americans buy some groceries online. Among the reasons for this acceleration are the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced many Americans (the whole world actually) to change habits suddenly.

Consumers are focused on shopping for the best value 

The report "Navigating the market headwinds: The state of grocery retail 2022" is very interesting. It is a recent study by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. This report shows that households are more interested than ever in spending smartly, saving money but not sacrificing quality. "With continued uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic and grocery inflation the highest it has been in ten years, consumers have become more focused on shopping for the best value in an effort to stretch their dollars – explains McKinsey & Company - Moreover, 90 percent of CEOs expect increasing pricing pressure from consumers to continue in 2022. When choosing where to shop in the year ahead, 45 percent of consumers indicate they plan to explore more ways to save money, a level virtually unchanged from the year before. In contrast, 29 percent intend to actively research the best promotions more frequently."

The search for healthier foods

McKinsey & Company report also adds, "Consumers are balancing their emphasis on value with an interest in healthier foods. About 40 percent of consumers expect to increase their focus on healthy eating and nutrition. Consumers intend to purchase more regional and local goods (41 percent), high-protein options (34 percent), and offerings that are free from certain ingredients (33 percent), along with other naturally healthy options". Experts explain: "This combination of saving money and eating healthier, more nutritious foods is more prevalent among millennial and Gen Z consumers, in part because they are still waiting for their finances to return to normal."

Online grocery shopping has become a habit

According to this study: "Online buying is here to stay. Customer preference for online and delivery orders increased by around 50 percent during the pandemic and is expected to rise further in 2022". McKinsey & Company specifies: "Consumers continue to be drawn to the convenience and relative safety of online shopping, an attraction that becomes even more appealing as delivery costs decline and promotions increase."

Convenience and quality, the secret of Magnifico

At Magnifico, we are incredibly proud that we have been able to bring together these two needs of our consumers. Our goal is to help our client to shop smartly, saving money but not giving up quality. That's why our mission is to bring the best Italian products to American tables at competitive and affordable prices. Here you will find our exciting flash sale!

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