It's fall already: 3 comfort and inexpensive ideas from the kitchen

It's fall already: 3 comfort and inexpensive ideas from the kitchen

Dec 02, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

The cold is coming, and inflation is keeping high. Some simple ideas to go through the season.


Autumn is here

 It can be shocking to go out at 5 p.m. and see that it is already dark, especially since, for months, we have been enjoying the light and beautiful warmth of summer. Until almost 9 p.m., it was still early to go out, to have a drink with friends, to go shopping, or even to work out outside. With autumn, things change very quickly, starting with the closet. 


The charm of autumn

But we have always said that autumn has a charm all its own. With darkness coming early, with the first cold weather, we rediscover the pleasure of staying indoors, having a cup of tea, and inviting friends over for soup. Fall is the season of pumpkin picking, chestnuts, and the first apple pies. If in summer, we often had dinner with a nice salad, ice cream, or a few slices of watermelon; in autumn, grandma's recipes come back to give our body all the nutrients it needs to "survive" with the cold and the first flu. We have collected some good ideas that we found easy to make but tasty. We are aware that inflation is making life difficult for many. That's why we want to take a look at some recipes that are also inexpensive. If today it is not easy to go to a restaurant for dinner, let's rediscover together the pleasure of creating something of our own at home.


Pasta and beans

The first dish is an autumn must for Italians. "Pasta e fagioli" or as the Italian-Americans called it, "pasta fasul." It is such a typical dish that it was even mentioned in one of the most famous songs of the century, "That's amore." In fact, remember the part of the song that reads, "When the stars make you drool, just like pasta fazool, that's amore." It is a comfort dish made of small pasta, beans, sausage, and some vegetables, such as fennel. The broth can be vegan or meat-based. As for the pasta: to be more creative, we suggest Pasta Cuomo's Flowers pasta. It is a premium durum wheat semolina pasta, a 100% Italian product. Handcrafted, slow drying, extruded with bronze dies. Tasty and refined, it stimulates the eyes, palate, and creativity. Check out Magnifico FoodTreccioni or Vesuviotti; you will love these shapes. 


Pumpkin soup

The second idea is "Butternut Squash Soup." The New York Times listed it as one of the cheapest recipes for fall. As it reads: this "golden soup consists of butternut squash, onion, garlic, and a little ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. A splash of rice wine vinegar adds a "spicy touch" that seems truly magical to us."


Pumpkin Risotto

Another must-have is pumpkin risotto. It is important to use Arborio rice. You can find Tenuta Margherita's Superfino Selezione Speciale Arborio on our website. It is not difficult to prepare, but mixing will take some time. You can add to the recipe: thyme, white wine, butter, lots of Parmesan cheese, bacon, and a little truffle pate.


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