It's Panettone and Pandoro season!

It's Panettone and Pandoro season!

Dec 14, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

The Christmas season is particularly rich in delicatessen and specialties in Italy. If you are there for Christmas, you will realize how rich the tables of Italians are at this time. Each region has its own culinary traditions, but there are two must-have desserts: Pandoro and Panettone, the most classic Christmas cakes. And Italians are strictly divided into two teams…

Two teams……Which one do you prefer?

Once these two sweet breads come out, you know it's Christmas time in Italy. Ok, we love food, but we divide on the choice of traditional Christmas sweet breads: Panettone or Pandoro? A not-so-simple question! Italians split into two factions: Panettone lovers vs. Pandoro lovers. You may not believe it, but in Italy, there are even personality tests related to the choice. Panettone is from Lombardy, pandoro is from Veneto. Both have a legendary history. It is tough to choose between the two of them. Panettone is soft, rich and contains raisins and candied fruits; it has a classic "dome" shape. Pandoro is equally soft, buttery, and eggy, but it has a "star" shape and is covered with powdered sugar. According to data collected by Coldiretti (the association of agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers) in their last survey, Panettone was chosen by 79 percent of Italians, while Pandoro lagged behind, stopping at 72 percent.


Panettone comes from Milan. The main ingredients are flour, candied fruits, and raisins. According to the legend, a Milanese baker named Toni had a beautiful young daughter named Adalgisa. A local aristocrat, Ughetto, wanted to marry her, so he disguised himself as a humble baker and cooked a delicious sweet bread to gain Toni's support. The two married, and the sweet bread was named "pan de Toni", Toni's bread.


Pandoro comes from Verona. The name means golden bread, for its beautiful color. The history of Pandoro dates back to the nineteenth century in Verona. Originally, it was dusted with gold leaf.

Panettone and Pandoro, perfect gifts

From mid-December to January 6th, Italians love to give Panettone or Pandoro as gifts to friends or relatives, and they are always very appreciated, often accompanied by a bottle of prosecco or spumante. These two sweet bread cakes are enjoyed long before Christmas and even after.

Our selection 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, give a delicious Panettone or soft Pandoro this Christmas. Your friends will be grateful. Magnifico has prepared a lovely selection of the best Italian Panettone and Pandoro. We really have something for everyone. Try Cipriani's panettoni, very elegant and of course, delicious; The artisan pastry shop Cova presents two versions of the traditional Panettone. Finally, let yourself be tempted by Pasticceria Fraccaro's Panettone and Pandoro, strictly artisanal.

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