It's time to cook at Home

It's time to cook at Home

May 10, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Many studies suggest that cooking your own meal makes you happier. It’s a quality time now that we must stay at home! Try our Magnifico ingredient suggestion and text us if you have any questions.

Our life has to slow down. Since the lockdown took place to fight the spread of the Coronavirus, many of us work from home, or we are on a break waiting for the business to reopen. Some of us are quarantined alone, some are with family, and some are with a significant other.  In any case, we have more time to spend caring for ourselves and investing in our relationships.  It's also important to do things that keep our mood up!  While the common go-to activities like reading be a book, or listening to music are great, we Italians we urge you to cook!  Even if you've never tried your hand in the kitchen prepare a simple breakfast, now is the perfect time to give it a try. Particularly in big cities like New York, people are usually never at home, and always eat lunch and dinner out at restaurants, or call for a delivery.  But since most restaurants are closed, make your own food!  It is easier than you think and it will improve your happiness.
Start with simple dishes, like pasta, some risotto, pizza, or a cake. You will be focused on your recipe, you will use all your creativity, and you will eat something made from your hands. Even if at the beginning it doesn't taste quite like in the restaurant around the corner, your dish will make you happy and satisfied.  Perhaps at the end of this crisis, you'll be able to reflect and see that you learned something new - completely unrelated to work!

You can start your culinary journey by making some classic tomato sauce for pasta, following the traditional Italian way. Just pay special attention to the ingredients you use, and select the best quality available.  For the sauce, the Magnifico team always uses “Agromonte passata” tomatoes.  For the extra virgin olive oil, you have different kinds to choose from: AgricolaPiano or Redoro, for example.  For something a bit more exciting and interesting, try ragù sauce (it’s not difficult, it takes just time to cook the meat), or Norma sauce (tomato sauce, eggplant and ricotta cheese). You can make your own pizza… just allow plenty of time, because the dough needs to rise. In our Magnifico community, you can find a lot of different recipes and you can also text us for more information about anything you may need. Buon appetito!

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