Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

Feb 14, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers! Buon San Valentino.

The day of lovers is Italian!

It comes every year whether we like it or not. It is the festival of love. Needless to say, the celebration of lovers originated in Italy, the most romantic nation in the world. The holiday, in fact, is named after St. Valentine of Terni. Today, Valentine's Day means cards, letters, flowers, presents...and delicious food!

True love exists!

Is the question we have all asked ourselves at least once (or more than once, honestly) in our lives: Does true love exist? "A large majority of Americans believe it does, and most say they themselves have experienced true love at some point in their lives, including most men and women – says Fred Backus on CBS News - But finding true love may not be easy: less than one in five Americans think most of the people around them have found true love, and many who have experienced it — particularly among women — say it is different from what they expected it to be. "But there is reason to be cheerful, at least according to Backus: "But for those who haven't experienced true love, there is reason to be optimistic: Americans are more likely to have experienced true love the older they get, and most who haven't, think it's because they just haven't found true love yet, not because they think true love doesn't exist. While nearly all Americans believe in true love, the percentage that says they have experienced it is a bit lower. Eighty-six percent of Americans think true love exists, while 67% say they have experienced it themselves." Well, you can see that romantics are right!

Food is the best ally of love

Food is a great ally of love! There is no better way to woo your partner. That's why Valentine's Day can become the perfect day to enchant your beloved. The important thing is to select your ingredients well. There are foods believed to be highly aphrodisiacs. Even science says so: some foods act as vasodilators or hormone regulators. So, don't be afraid to serve asparagus, avocado, figs, strawberries, caviar, oysters, shellfish, chili, saffron, ginger, truffles, and almonds. But what must never be lacking is definitely wine! Whether it is red or white, it matters little...the important thing is that it is Italian.

Our recipe: pink pasta

This Valentine's Day, delight your loved one with an easy but spectacular recipe. It is pasta with red beets sauce, a dish with a beautiful red-pink color that will make you look great. We really like it because of its color. We assure you that the effect will be "wow"! The process is swift and, above all, effortless. Use pre-cooked beets, sautéed with fresh basil, oil, and almonds, then blend. Next, you will need to cook pasta and add the red sauce.

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