We love Spaghetti! Seven easy recipes

We love Spaghetti! Seven easy recipes

Feb 07, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Spaghetti is the most popular.

Spaghetti is the most popular pasta

As the hundreds of spaghetti recipes confirm, this pasta is loved throughout Italy and beyond. According to Kitchen Gadget Reviews, "Spaghetti is the most popular of all the pasta types. It is the favorite of many, especially kids. Indeed, this is one of the most frequently cooked pasta worldwide. It is also usually available in most restaurants – says the website - One will know if the pasta he's seeing is spaghetti if it color yellow and has long strands. Makers of pasta have also developed veggie spaghetti pasta for the health conscious. Best sauces for this pasta type are the traditional red sauce and meatballs. The red sauce is also known as the classic sauce which most kids love. Spaghetti with meat, or tomato sauce is quite possibly the most popular pasta dish of all-time!"

Beyond the beloved and very popular spaghetti with tomato sauceall'amatricianacacio e pepe, and alle vongole, many other recipes are less famous outside Italy.

Spaghetti with tuna

In Italy, spaghetti with tuna is said to be the favorite pasta of college students. Why? Because it is an easy pasta to prepare and is also very inexpensive. This is an easy-to-make dish ideal for a last-minute dinner because it uses the simplest ingredients to make incredibly tasty dishes. You will need spaghetti, tuna in oil, peeled tomatoes, onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, basil. 

Spaghetti alla puttanesca 

Let's begin with the name. It is funny and very unusual. It means "in the style of the prostitute." The unique flavor of this dish comes from its delicious ingredients: peeled tomatoes, Gaeta olives, capers, and anchovy fillets.

Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino

It is considered the fastest Italian pasta dish. All you need is spaghetti, garlic, oil, and chili pepper. The secret to perfect success is all in the choice of ingredients.

Spaghetti with anchovies and breadcrumbs

This is a quick but tasty dish prepared with only very few ingredients. All you need are high-quality spaghetti (like these), anchovies and breadcrumbs.

Spaghetti alla Nerano

This is a typical recipe from the Campania region. It was created in the Italian village of Nerano, on the charming Sorrento peninsula. This pasta comes with zucchini, provolone cheese and basil.

Spaghetti alla bottarga

This dish is a traditional pasta from Sardinia made with bottarga, a locally-produced cured mullet roe. Bottarga is called "the caviar of the Mediterranean."

Spaghetti with breadcrumbs and anchovy

It was originally a poor pasta from southern Italy. You will need to melt anchovy fillets, garlic and chili pepper in oil. Then, add breadcrumbs toasted with garlic and olive oil until crispy.

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