National espresso day: cheers to Luigi Bezzera!

National espresso day: cheers to Luigi Bezzera!

Nov 23, 2020Donatella Mulvoni
To celebrate this day pay tribute to the person who created the first coffee machine. And try our Miscela D’Oro: a sip to feel like you are in Italy

Nobody knows his name. He is not famous like other Italians in the world. For example, Pavarotti for his music, or Valentino for the fashion business. But we want to remember Luigi Bezzera today, which is National Espresso Day, because he helped all these stars and genius to stay awake to produce the best in the art world. Like them, pretty much all the Italians, and many in other countries. Could you imagine a life without espresso? Perhaps many of you can, but please don’t ask Italians: espresso coffee is part of our daily life, in the same essential way as pasta, pizza, soccer and fashion. It’s simply a part of our way to exist. 

Grazie Luigi!


So, Luigi Bezzera  was an engineer from Milan, we don’t know much about him, not even what he looked like. If you search his name on Google Images, you will see only big, and beautiful machines at the bar, or random people with a little cup of coffee drinking inside the bar, at home, or on the sidewalk with friends. Bezzera is the person we have to thank if today we can wake up with espresso aroma. He created the first espresso machine at the beginning of 1900. He patented an innovative process for preparing coffee. The first espresso coffee machine was exhibited at the Milan International Fair in 1906.

Espresso shapes the Italian way of life

Espresso shapes the day for  Italians. We drink it in the morning, we take breaks to have an espresso with a colleague or a friend. Of course, we drink one after lunch, some Italians even enjoy one after dinner. For many it’s more of a habit than a need, we love the aroma, the taste. Don’t forget that espresso is also the base ingredient for other popular coffee beverages such as cappuccino, or latte, or Affogato ice cream! We make tiramisu using espresso coffee. The National Espresso Day website reminds us that “Contrary to popular belief, espresso is not a specific bean or roast level. Any bean or roast level can be used to make espresso. What makes espresso is its brewing method, which is made by forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee to create a concentrated coffee topped with a delicate foam, called a crema
The crema should be thin and foamy with a golden-brown and sometimes slightly reddish color. ”

Arabica vs Robusta

The most important coffee beans are: Arabica, is a very delicate miscela and the most used, representing almost 60% of the world’s coffee production. The second one is Robusta, which has a bigger amount of caffeine in its beans compared to Arabica. It has a heavier body and the taste is bitter. 

The secret? The miscela: Miscela D’Oro

What is the secret to a good espresso coffee? Nobody knows the exact answer, or maybe it doesn't exist. For sure, it’s important to have a good miscela; but also water plays a big role: you need to pay attention to the quality and the amount you pour in the espresso machine. The team at Magnifico suggests you try Miscela D’Oro brand. We offer Red Tradition, Gold eccellenza and the Decaf version. To make the process easier they are produced in Nespresso Pods. They are a well balanced coffee blend with a full body and persistent aftertaste.

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