Give Thanks with a little Italian twist!

Give Thanks with a little Italian twist!

Nov 24, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Thanksgiving is already around the corner…with all the unknowns of this incredible and unprecedented 2020. Here are our tips, with a glimpse at Italian trends.
As 2020 will go down in history as the challenging year of Coronavirus, here comes another beloved American tradition that we will be forced to rethink. A lot of us will spend Thanksgiving away from family. Friends’ giving, as well, seem to be impossible, due to COVID-19–restrictions and concerns of safe distancing. Let’s approach this time in new and creative ways! Well, the most important thing, is to remember the deep meaning during these uncertain times: Thanksgiving means care, love, and thoughtful ways to show your family, friends, or community that you care even if you can’t do it in person.
In recent months it has become one of the most recurrent options for professional life. We are talking about virtual meetings. Why not also try a virtual thanksgiving? You could plan the same identical menu and enjoy it together on a video chat. Of course, there won't be the warmth of a noisy table full of relatives and friends, but this year you'll have to make do with it!
Sharing food, feeding our loved ones has always been a way to express care and love. In Italy as in the United States, this year more than ever! If you can’t spend Thanksgiving with your beloved ones, send them food! You could order a dish from their favorite restaurant (this way you will also benefit local business deeply affected by the crisis). Another easy and very effective option is to send them gift baskets of food. Better Italian, if you have to choose!! Magnifico offers the ultimate selection of gourmet food and an amazing assortment of Italian specialties.
If you can’t eat a gigantic turkey with your family this year, you could still send your love. This Thanksgiving surprise your loved ones with a gift box. The “family box” is a perfect selection including essential Italian pantries supplies for the grown-ups and the delicious chocolate treats for the little ones! You will find Rigatoni Pasta, Superfino Arborio Rice, Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce with Ricotta Cheese, Italian Extra Virgin Olive, Olives and Cherry Tomato Bruschetta Spread, Black Pepper and Salt, Espresso Coffee Whole Beans, Orange Filled Chocolate Bar, Organic Red Grapefruit Soda, Organic Orange Soda. You could also customize your box and make it simply unforgettable for your beloved family and friends.

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