After THANKSGIVING, Get Creative With Your Leftovers

Nov 27, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

After all day and night eating turkey and amazing stuffing, let’s add in some serious carbs! In fact, You will need a lot of energy if you are a Black Friday lover and you are planning to spend hours shopping around the city to find the best deals. 

But first, Let’s start from the most important rule: don’t waste food. We can make many new dishes with the leftovers. 



For example, did you cook too many potatoes or veggies? Or you wanted to sound more Italian and you prepared a big bowl of pasta that was impossible to finish it all? No problem, in Italy we are a big fans of “frittata”. Here you like to call it “omelette”, but the name doesn’t give you the exact idea of the taste, because it’s a bit different from the french version. 

It’s super easy, and, we promise, fast; the cooking time will not steal a lot of time from the main job today: buy everything we can with big discounts. 

Just take a few eggs and put them, white and red together, in a big bowl. Turn the eggs until the mixture is homogeneous. After, add a bit of parmesan cheese and salt as you like. Now add the vegetables, or potatoes or pasta and keep turning. Pour everything into the pan, but only after you have made sure that the pan is very hot and non-stick. If it is sticky, just pour olive oil. After one or two minutes, turn the omelette with the lid wait a little bit and… there we go, it’s ready!



If you  followed the American tradition and you didn’t eat pasta, well come on you can’t stay two days in a row without your favorite carbs.  

Make a simple one, pasta al pomodoro or with garlic, olive oil and spicy pepper. They are tasty and not expensive at all. A pack of pasta is good for 4 or 5 people. For the first one, you need just to buy a good tomatoes sauce and warm it on the pan with extra virgin olive oil, onion and some basil. Magnifico has many high quality products you can try. Look all the sauces Agromonte suggests for you. You and your guests will be amazed. For the pasta olio, aglio e peperoncino… you really need to do only what the name of the pasta says. Boil the spaghetti and in a pan pour olive oil with garlic. When the garlic is ready (should be gold color) add the peperoncino. Super easy, but nothing more tasty than this very old recipe.

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