Panettone, why it should never be missing on your table at Christmas

Panettone, why it should never be missing on your table at Christmas.

Dec 06, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Are you already thinking about your Christmas lunch (real or virtual)? Don't forget this delicious Italian must! Here are the reasons why it should never be missing from your Christmas table.


It will be an unusual Christmas; you need extra sweetness.

We are in the middle of the most beautiful and sweet season of the year. Still, it will be a difficult and unusual Christmas because of the pandemic. Families and friends are going to celebrate separately. Still, we can express love and care for our loved ones. If it is true - as it is true - that food is love, do not forget to donate a delicious panettone to your loved ones, the Italian Christmas cake par excellence, the most iconic and beloved holiday treat.


Christmas isn't Christmas without panettone.

If you know Italians, you noticed that they don't mess around when it comes to Christmas! It is tradition to give a panettone and a bottle of prosecco to colleagues, friends, and relatives for Christmas in Italy. We can give up everything but the panettone, the most beloved Milanese sweet in the world. It is also the most purchased cake in Europe at Christmas time (Amazing but true, among the holiday sweets, in Europe panettone beats gingerbread cookies and candy canes). But even the American market is beginning to appreciate this delight! It is important, however, to buy the right product, avoiding industrial and poor-quality panettone. That's why Magnifico has selected for its American customers a selection of artisan companies that produce panettone of the highest quality.


The historical “opponent,” the pandoro!

Panettone's classic "rival" is pandoro. Both are two iconic Christmas soft cakes from northern Italy. They seem to have similar shapes, but they are completely different. Panettone comes in a "cupola" shape, is a sweet yeast bread, and the name literally means "big bread." It is also filled with raisin and candied fruits. Pandoro, the "golden bread," was born in Verona, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. Star-shaped, its primary ingredient is butter.


Magnifico Christmas selection

We have selected for you the best Italian artisanal panettone and pandoro, importing these delicatessens from boutique companies and high-end producers like Fraccaro Spumadoro. This Christmas, try Fraccaro Artisanal Panettone Antico, made from the ancient recipe of the Milanese panettone, with 36 hours of leavening. If, instead, you want to taste the real pandoro, we recommend Veronese Classic Pandoro: delicate, aromatic, and pleasantly sweet.

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