Nuts and Seeds, perfect for the winter season

Nuts and Seeds, perfect for the winter season

Jan 16, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

Dry fruits, nuts and seeds play an essential role in our wellness. Start adding them to your daily routine!

Let's Go Nuts! 

Nuts and dried fruits are not only delicious, but they are also very healthy. That's why nutritionists recommend eating them daily. They benefit our health because they help our immunity system and strengthen our body. Especially during the winter season, when cough and cold are caught very quickly. They're delicious you can really add them to all kinds of diets, keto and vegan included. Nuts have several remarkable and extraordinary health benefits. Let's fight with the winter season by adding them to our diet!

Add dry fruits to your diet

"Eating nuts as part of a healthy diet may be good for the heart – says the Mayo Clinic - Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. And they're a great snack food — inexpensive, easy to store and easy to pack when you're on the go. One drawback to nuts is that some may be high in calories, so it's important to limit portions. But choosing nuts instead of a less healthy snack may just help you stick to a heart-healthy diet." The famous American academic medical center focused on integrated health care, education, and research, also says: "Almonds and other tree nuts can improve blood cholesterol. A recent study concluded that a diet supplemented with walnuts can lower the risk of heart complications in people with history of a heart attack. All nuts are high in calories, so a handful added to a salad or eaten as a snack will do."

Nuts and Seeds have extraordinary health benefits

Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds provide protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are rich in vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These elements are fundamental for our body, brain, organs, skin, and hair. In addition, they contain vitamins and proteins that can help us to fight colds and coughs during the winter. They are also a valuable ally in weight control because they are fiber and antioxidants rich and protect us from free radicals. Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds protect our hearts, preventing cardiac diseases. These superfoods also boost our energy.

Nutritious nuts and seeds

Walnuts are packed with nutrients that help us to keep our bodies healthy. Add some walnuts to fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and salads. Almonds contain vitamin E, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and more nutrients. These elements are good for protecting our immune system. Pine nuts contain iron, zinc, and vitamin A. Peanuts contain phytosterols, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, manganese, and tryptophan-an amino acid- which aid in balancing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Hazelnuts are packed with protein, carbohydrates, vitamin E, minerals, and sugar fiber, which benefit cholesterol reduction. Pistachios are rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and carotenoids.

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