Taralli: 4 Tasty Ideas

Taralli: 4 Tasty Ideas

Jan 09, 2023Donatella Mulvoni

These snacks are delicious and very versatile. Beloved by Italians, taralli are very easy to combine with many ingredients. Here are four easy ideas.

The perfect salty snack

This ring-shaped snack is very common in Southern Italy. They are a kind of crunchy, salty little doughnuts. The texture is similar to a breadstick. They are usually savory, but some sweet versions are glazed with sugar. The most famous taralli are made in Puglia, one of the most beautiful Italian regions, the "heel of the Italian boot." There is also an important tradition of taralli in the Campania and Basilicata regions. They are made with simple ingredients: 00 flour, extra-virgin olive oil, and white wine. There is only one problem: Taralli are pretty addictive. You will never eat just one! Usually, taralli are accompanied by Italian cheeses like Parmigiano, pecorino, provolone, but any cheese goes well with these snacks. What should never be missed is a good glass of wine. In some regions of Italy, there is an exciting tradition...they dip their taralli in wine.

Aperitivo or antipasto

The traditional way to serve taralli is to use them as an appetizer or aperitif accompaniment. In both cases, taralli are accompanied by cheese and cold cuts. Prepare a cutting board with Italian cold cuts and cheeses of your choice and serve them with a nice bowl of crispy taralli. The options are endless: you can choose salami, bresaola, prosciutto cotto, prosciutto crudo, pancetta, mortadella. Ditto for cheeses: Parmigiano, pecorino, scamorza, provolone. Also, add an assortment of black and green olives. You can also prepare a small plate of anchovy fillets. Your cutting board will be delicious.

Panzanella with taralli

Try replacing the classic bread croutons that you put in panzanella with taralli. The rest remains the same. Chop up onions, tomatoes, and celery. Add basil leaves and season with salt and olive oil. The trick is to let the panzanella sit for a few minutes so that the taralli absorb the sauce.

Skewers of taralli, feta, prosciutto and olives

The success of this very easy recipe is guaranteed. Prepare skewers with prosciutto, feta and olives, thread the skewer through the taralli and use it as the base of the skewers.

Spaghetti “aglio, olio e peperoncino”…with taralli

You won't believe it, but taralli can also be used for pasta. Here is how to make spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chili, and taralli. It is effortless; you just need to prepare the classic "garlic, oil, and chili" pasta and sprinkle it with toasted taralli crumbs. You can toast the crumbs in hot oil with garlic and chili.  

Our selection

The ways to serve taralli are genuinely endless. However, it is essential to choose quality taralli, prepared according to the traditional recipe. Here you will find our wide selection of taralli. You will be spoiled for choice!

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