Person of the month: Paul Medina

Person of the month: Paul Medina

Sep 22, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Our person person of the month is Paul Medina, one of Washington's most respected trainers. He has been in the profession for more than 15 years and is the founder of Capital Energy Training. In his list of clients - strictly confidential - there are many well-known personalities of the capital scene. He has developed programs that focus on strength, mobility and flexibility for all ages; from athletes to working professionals and everything else in between. In addition to studying Kinesiology at Towson University, Paul has multiple certifications from FMS, NASM and Neurokinetic Therapy. We asked Paul to tell us how important healthy eating and regular exercise are to wellness. Paul, who has Italian origins, is also a great admirer of our country's cuisine.


How important is it to eat well to feel fit? 

It’s important to keep your cognitive thinking aligned an on track when it comes to a commitment to health. If you are not eating the right foods at the right times, you could slow your digestive system and disrupt your sleep (metabolism). Some people don’t realize how important good sleep is for maintaining a healthy weight. It is all directly related to the peripheral nervous system.  


How do you motivate your clients to actually be committed to the gym and to a healthy diet? 

My wife would say that 90% of my job is to motivate the unmotivated. It’s true that it takes a unique personality to make someone actually enjoy doing pushups at 7am. Still, at the end of the day, the willingness and gumption to dedicate oneself to putting in the hard work it’s yours and yours alone. People nowadays want immediate results with very little effort. Once you resolve yourself to the reality that healthy living is a life-long commitment, that is when you’ll see results.


What are the foods that are never missing from your pantry? 

Eggs, oatmeal, salmon and lots of greens!


When you go to Italy on vacation, which is the first dish you want to try and why? 

Oh it’s hard to choose, and of course it would depend on which region in Italy I find myself. My wife and I love the Amalfi Coast. There, I would dive into a fresh Caprese Salad. Something light and refreshing. Tomatoes taste completely different in Italy than they do here in the US because they don’t use all the unnecessary additives.


What is your favorite Italian dish to cook for your family and guests?

Pasta and steak. I also made my own pasta from scratch. Can I say also wine? I grew up making homemade fruit wine with my father. I have such fond memories of kneading the fruit and learning about the fermentation process. A lot of this is attributed to my work ethic today. The love and patience my father taught me to put into wine making is the same dedication I use with my personal training today.

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