Magnifico Curiosity

Person of the month: Betta Baume
Nov 16, 2021
Elisabetta Baume, affectionately called Betta, was born in Rome. She moved to New York in the 70s. In 1974 she met her beloved husband Andrea Carrano, one of the most sought-after shoe designers of the time...
Person of the month: Maurizio Arberi
Oct 21, 2021
Our person of the month is Maurizio Arberi. Maurizio has been an Italian bartender in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years. Born in Turin, he grew up in Sardinia, where he began his professional experience in magnificent Costa Smeralda...
Person of the month: Paul Medina
Sep 22, 2021
Our person person of the month is Paul Medina, one of Washington's most respected trainers. He has been in the profession for more than 15 years and is the founder of Capital Energy Training...
Person of the month: Titta Buzzerio, founder of Fri Fri
Aug 25, 2021
Our personality of the month is Titta Buzzerio. She lives in New York City but grew up in Apulia, the beautiful southern Italian region. Titta is a force of nature: she has a creative, dynamic, and very energetic personality. 
Person of the month: Gabriele, founder of Unregular Pizza
Jun 11, 2021
Our person of the month for June is an exceptional person, full of energies, creativity, and talent, of course. His name is Gabriele Lamonaca. He is the founder of Unregular Pizza, an idea that he had during the pandemic...
Person of the month: Cristina Bini
May 18, 2021
The person of the month we have chosen for May is Cristina Bini. She is a bartender mixologist from Florence who has been in love with New York for years and is very popular in the field.