Summer: PASTA vs RICE

Summer: PASTA vs RICE

Jul 12, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Carbs and hot weather don’t go together. As we pair down our intake, let’s choose the carbs that are best for our health.



As bikini season rapidly approaches, we understand that it’s time to get in shape. Though all bodies are beautiful, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our health, and maybe losing a few pounds along the way. Carbs are the ancestral enemy of diets. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way: there are studies that prove that carefully chosen and measured carbs are part of a healthy diet! 



There is no doubt that bread is a no-go in diets. So, we are left to choose between pasta and rice. Which of the two is healthier? Many tend to think rice is the way to go. While it’s true that pasta has more calories, and rice is gluten-free, rice has a greater glycemic index. So, eating a portion of rice as a main dish or a side dish is healthiest, though we recommend incorporating some pasta into your diet occasionally, as well. And, most importantly, never be afraid to eat as many carbs as you need to keep yourself energized!



Whole grains are a great component of a balanced diet.  They are good for your digestion, since whole grains are digested more slowly than refined grains, and they can also help you check insulin levels in your blood.  Today, we want to recommend two top quality products: whole wheat Penne Rigate by La Molisana and Riso Venere & Ermes from Tenuta Margherita. The first is a pasta made with durum wheat and re-milled semolina, cut in bronze at very low temperatures. It’s a unique kind of pasta made by Agricola Piano, a company well known for its commitment to healthy food. èViva is made with high quality flour.

Riso Venere & Ermes from Tenuta Margherita is a rice with naturally red-colored grains. Very nutritious and aromatic, but also rich in fibers, mineral salts, and antioxidants, simply boiled, it is a perfect side dish to fish or meat, but also as a the key component in rice salads.

The Magnifico team is alway looking for the best products in Italy to import in the United States. We carefully select every brand to provide our customers with the highest-quality products at the lowest possible prices. 

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