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Italian Tomatoes: A Gastronomic Exploration from Field to Fork
Feb 16, 2024
Italian tomatoes are renowned worldwide for their exceptional flavor, versatility, and integral role in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, from the iconic San Marzano to the rare gems like the Fiaschetto of Torre Guaceto.
Tomato sauce: five "pro" secrets for the perfect Italian red gold
Dec 16, 2020
The perfect color of the sauce should be a vibrant red. The sauce must not have too light or too dark color. A too dark color is a sign of the bad quality of the tomato...
July 29th: LASAGNA DAY!
Jul 29, 2020
In Italy, lasagna means family reunion. There are many different lasagna recipes, the traditional  one being with ragù sauce. Make your lasagna with Agromonte's Organic Cherry Tomato Passata.
Tomatoes & Italy, a Red Love Story
Jun 28, 2020
Why did the tomato tradition flourish in Italy more than in any other European country? Perhaps for the warm climate, the perfect soil, the generosity of our sun, water and air. We don’t have an answer....
Do You Know How to Make “Passata di Pomodoro”?
Feb 22, 2020
Homemade fresh tomato purée is a tradition. If you live in the South of Italy, the end of summer means only one thing: it is “passata di pomodoro” time! Homemade fresh tomato purée is a tradition that many families carry on to this day.
Tomato, Quintessential Element of Italian Cuisine
Jan 29, 2020
Pick your favorite shape and color among more than 300 varieties of tomatoes across the nation, all different in color, size, and shape! The Italian word is “Pomodoro,” literally the “golden apple.”