Tomatoes & Italy, a Red Love Story

Tomatoes & Italy, a Red Love Story

Jun 28, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

We eat them in every shape and texture: “il Pomodoro” is the unrivalled emperor of every kitchen. From sauces, to salads to pizzas…just give us tomatoes, the best Italian healthy food.



Why did the tomato tradition flourish in Italy more than in any other European country? Perhaps for the warm climate, the perfect soil, the generosity of our sun, water and air. We don’t have an answer. The tomato is the quintessential symbol of traditional Italian cuisine, and it is also one of the flavors everybody associates most fondly with Italy. Should we talk about the most famous and successful Italian marriage of ingredients: tomato sauce and pasta? The first official documentation of this duo dates back to 1548, in Tuscany. The “golden apple” (literally, this is the meaning of the Italian word “pomodoro”) reached Europe from the New World, travelling on the conquistadores’ ships as an exotic fruit from the Americas. Today, all historians agree that the introduction of tomato to the Italian tradition completely transformed our culinary history and allowed us to export our “cucina” all over the world. So, thank you America! Can you ever imagine Italy without tomato sauce on spaghetti or pizza? Today almost every family, especially in the Southern region during the summer preserve tomato pasta and salsa, to be used during the year.; a tradition that is a sort of celebration, handed down from generation to generation.



You can eat tomato in a soup, a traditional caprese salad with mozzarella, yet still the most “Italian” way is to eat sauce. If you are looking for the best Italian tomato sauce, you should take a look at our incredible selection. We are proud to bring to your table the best tomato sauce from some “boutique” artisanal companies. Like Agromonte, our flagship. Every summer, Agromonte staffs pick tomatoes by hand, selects only the best fruit and transforms them into delicious specialties, their Sicilian treasures bottled in a little jar! You can use Agromonte passata for your pasta or pizza. You may also try in an organic Bloody Mary!



Did you know that tomatoes could help protect you from UV light and sunburn? Of course, we are not suggesting to replace your sunscreen with tomato sauce! Tomatoes, however, contain lycopene, an extraordinary antioxidant that could protect our skin from UV damage.

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