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Rice Speaks Italian
Aug 10, 2020
Italy produces more rice than any other country in Europe. Even though the rice’s origins are far away, we created some of the most famous dishes, like risotto and arancino, the rice ball.
Tomatoes & Italy, a Red Love Story
Jun 28, 2020
Why did the tomato tradition flourish in Italy more than in any other European country? Perhaps for the warm climate, the perfect soil, the generosity of our sun, water and air. We don’t have an answer....
BRUSCHETTA, The Classic Italian Antipasto
May 17, 2020
Easy, delicious. Who couldn't love bruschetta? Here are some simple and quick recipes to unleash your inner chef!
SOTTOLI e SOTTACETI, two game changers in your pantry
Apr 12, 2020
The word sottaceti literally means "under vinegar" because these vegetables have been pickled in wine vinegar. One of the most famous Italian traditions for sottaceti is the Giardiniera, assorted pickled vegetables in vinegar like carrots, bell peppers, celery, cauliflower, olives. 
Eat Mediterranean for a Longer Life
Mar 07, 2020
According to a group of scientists (including Italian researchers from the University of Bologna), following the Mediterranean diet for twelve months can improve brain function and promote longevity. The diet also helps older people age healthily.
Tomato, Quintessential Element of Italian Cuisine
Jan 29, 2020
Pick your favorite shape and color among more than 300 varieties of tomatoes across the nation, all different in color, size, and shape! The Italian word is “Pomodoro,” literally the “golden apple.”