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After the Holidays, It’s Time for Soup!
Jan 15, 2020
Pasta, lasagna, risotto, sausages, cotechino, pandoro, panettone…these are all delicious staples of the Italian holiday season. But now that Santa’s gone and we have to head back to work,  our bodies need to detox! 
STRUFFOLI, CALZONCELLI & friends: Beloved Italian Christmas Traditions
Dec 26, 2019
Italy has an infinite amount of traditional Christmas treats. One of the most famous are Neapolitan “struffoli”, delicious little fried dough balls covered with honey and sprinkled with sugar confetti. If you have a huge sweet tooth, Christmas is the perfect time for a culinary tour of Italy!
La Vigilia: How to Celebrate CHRISTMAS EVE Like an ITALIAN
Dec 22, 2019
If you say Christmas, Italians say famiglia. This is the most sacred holiday in Italy and it is completely dedicated to families sharing love and a lot of food. It starts with Christmas Eve and continues to Christmas Day.
Tutti Fermi! It’s International Italian Cuisine Week!
Nov 20, 2019
Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Italian Cuisine Week, which lasts from November 18th to November 24th, will feature panels, discussions, and other events to recognize Italian food.