Tutti Fermi! It’s International Italian Cuisine Week!

Tutti Fermi! It’s International Italian Cuisine Week!

Nov 20, 2019Donatella Mulvoni

Just like Valentine’s Day designates a day for us to celebrate our loved ones, International Italian Cuisine Week reminds us to pay homage to Italian gastronomy and its impact on how we eat. Every person on the planet who has had the good fortune to taste a risotto, a pizza, or a pasta al dente knows how grateful we should be for the Italian culinary tradition. Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Italian Cuisine Week, which lasts from November 18th to November 24th, will feature panels, discussions, and other events to recognize Italian food.



 “Food Education: The Culture of Taste” is the central theme of this 4th edition. The goal is to promote abroad all that Italian cuisine has to offer. Its qualities are many, which is why the Italian diplomatic and consular network has organized many events: dinners, seminars, conferences, and meetings with esteemed chefs. To display the historical evolution of the Italian culinary tradition, the week will also spotlight gastronomy in film, music, and photography. 



New York, like many other cities, will participate in the celebration. The Big Apple is full of Italian restaurants and shops. 

In a city so brimming with Italian heritage, there will be a lot to celebrate!

As La Voce di New York reports: “In New York, five events will take place across the boroughs, from a book launch by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori at the Italian Cultural Institute, to a private pop-up dinner at Gustiamo’s warehouse in the Bronx. Special appearances will be made by influential master chefs, like Bonetta Dell’Oglio  from Sicily and William Zonfa from Abruzzo, Italy.” In addition to participating in all of these exciting events, guests can also secure a discount at several Italian restaurants this week by booking through Open Table. Magnifico is proud to celebrate this week with you and lovers of Italy all around the world! Salute!


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