Food Sharing On Social Media

Food Sharing On Social Media

Nov 19, 2019Donatella Mulvoni

If you see someone at a restaurant eating without first taking a picture of his meal, he must have been born a long time ago, or be on some sort of technology strike! Food photo mania has taken over the world, and it’s been going strong for a few years.



Social media plays a big role in the way we eat, and has definitely changed our dining habits. Before we taste any food, we feel the need to take as many photos as it takes to get the perfect shot for Instagram and Facebook. Food is big on social media and often how it looks is more important than how it tastes. Sometimes we order dishes we don’t even like just for their aesthetic appeal! It’s impossible to scroll Instagram or Facebook without seeing photos of food or of people eating.



It’s become a huge business. As the BBC also reports, many restaurants around the world have tried to rethink their recipes to offer costumers food that looks good on camera. Instagram is a new way to advertise, and restauranteurs want in!  Now, chefs not only have to prepare food, but they also have to create a unique experience for people to document and share.



American pizza or Italian pizza, a slice or a whole pie: pizza is the most shared food on social media. Sushi and different kinds of meat are also very popular. Believe it or not, a photo of an egg (just one egg with a white background) became the most liked picture on Instagram. The experience of food nowadays has thus become more digital than real: Forbes reports that there are more than 1.7 billion recipes on Pinterest.



In the same article, Forbes reported a study made from The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. It seems that people who are social media foodies have a higher chance of encountering problems in their diet and with their body images. Excess in never good. That’s why, even if the business is still strong, many in the restaurant field are choosing no longer to follow this trend and to keep their dishes just on the table.  We at Magnifico food could not agree more: balance is key. While we love to share everything we do on social media, we always put the real-life culinary experience of quality above all else.

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