The season of LOVE!

The season of LOVE!

Jul 22, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

As we come out of lockdown, and more and more couples choose to celebrate their love in the warm summer months, it’s time to shop for wedding gifts! 



Have you ever thought of a food gift for your favorite bride and groom? Summer is the most popular time of year to get married, both in Italy and in the US. Did you know that almost the 80% of all weddings in the United States are celebrated between the months of May and October, with a peak in late summer?



With the advent of the wedding season comes the age-old dilemma: what gift do I give my friends? There are too many possibilities to choose from: money? Art? Tools? Travel vouchers? Gift cards? Funding their honeymoon in Tuscany? The goal is to choose a thoughtful gift that will be loved, appreciated, and that will not end up in a box in the basement! Well, have you ever thought of gifting food to your favorite couple? After all, food is love: famed Italian novelist Elsa Morante once claimed, in fact, that the most sincere expression of love is asking someone “Did you eat”? So, giving food is giving love!



Show your love by giving a personalized gift. If you know the bride and groom’s tastes, try to create an assortment of foods they will love! For example, go for an assortment of fine extra virgin olive oil. Redoro has a vast selection of EVOO. This Italian producer creates a unique Organic extra virgin olive oil, as well as vegetables preserved in olive oil. Is your favorite couple a pasta lover? Then why not give them a selection of Italian pasta? Our very own Pasta Cuomo is made with high-quality durum wheat semolina in a traditional bronze drawing technique that guarantees superior flavor. This all-Italian gift from the Campania region won't disappoint your newlywed friends! Otherwise, provide a year's supply of tomato sauce. Agromonte has a spectacular line of organic products that follow traditional Sicilian recipes. Next time you are invited to a wedding, instead of bringing the typical silver picture frame, impress your friends with an Italian product! You won't regret it!


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