Eating Our Way Through SICILY

Eating Our Way Through SICILY

Jan 25, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

The Magnifico team would like to offer you a tour of our country to satisfy both your tastebuds and your eyes, starting with Sicily. 



We often limit the Italian culinary tradition to pizza and pasta, our best-known dishes around the globe. But there is much more to taste! Looking past our ubiquitous pizza and pasta, we can see the Italy’s diverse culinary cultures. Every region, every city has its own specialties. There is always a reason to visit Italy: either for its magnificent monuments, its museums, its beaches, its churches or …its delicious food! Let’s start our journey. 



Sicily is the treasure at the tip of our boot. It’s the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, and one of the most interesting territories when it comes to art, architecture, and, of course, food. Its cities are a mix of cultures, and the surrounding sea is heavenly. Sicily also flaunts the legendary Etna volcano, as well as incredibly kinda and welcoming people.



Let’s a stroll through Sicily’s capitol, Palermo. We are here not only for its beauty, but also to enjoy its traditional street markets, of which Vicciria and Ballarò are the most renowned. They are very common; the food is always fresh and low-budget. You have to sample an Arancino, a fried ball of rice seasoned with saffron. You’ve definitely seen this delicacy before, but you’ve never tasted anything on par with an authentic Arancino from Palermo. The balls are usually stuffed with meat (Bolognese sauce), besciamella sauce, and butter. Another Sicilian specialty is the panino con la milza. Very simple and tasty, it is a sandwich filled with veal spleen. Its taste is not for everybody, but you have to try it!



Next, we travel to another magical Sicilian city: Catania. Once there, stop whatever you’re doing, and go the Sant’Agata cathedral square. Pay tribute to this beautiful church while eating the famous granita con brioche. It’s hard to think of anything more exquisite to snack on during a hot summer day. While these granite come in many flavors, lemon, pistachio and almond are simply amazing. 

Keep following our blog, and we’ll bring you to all the Italian regions. But we still have many things to tell you about Sicily: we're just getting started.

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