One More Bite of SICILY!

One More Bite of SICILY!

Jan 27, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Here we are with the second part of our Sicilian journey. Someone described Sicily as “Italy’s best-kept secret.” Come with us and discover more gems of the largest Mediterranean island.



Welcome again to Sicily, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, known for its stunning landscapes, its wonderful beaches, its ancient history and culture, and its archeological treasures. The island holds some of the better-preserved ruins from the ancient Greek and the Roman civilizations. Sicily is pretty unique thanks to its exceptional balance of cultural influences, not only from Greeks and Romans, but also from Moors and Normans. Think about the incredible Valley of the Temples (La valle dei templi) in the city of Agrigento, a powerful testament to the classical culture of the island. Here you will visit ancient temples of gods and goddesses (more than five “Doric” temples) as well as necropolis and sanctuaries. You can also visit the ancient theatre of Taormina built in the third century Before Christ, known worldwide for its incredible perfect acoustics. Sicily keeps eight (yes, eight!) UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



One of the most charming regions in Italy, everyone should visit this incredible land at least once in lifetime. Visiting Palermo in 1787, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the greatest German writers and statesman, once said: "Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the soul: here is the key to everything.” We couldn't agree more! Especially when it comes to food. Delicious Sicilian food will never disappoint you. Try with us some of the most incredible Sicilian specialties from Modica and Bronte.



The city of Modica one of the most sacred “chocolate temples” in the world. This finest chocolate – known as cioccolata modicana - is made by hand using a very complex and ancient method. The recipe comes from the ancient Aztecs. It is a long and interesting story connected with the Spanish domination in South America as well in Sicily. This chocolate’s peculiarity is the grainy texture and an amazing aroma. You should visit the town during the "Chocobarocco," the chocolate fest held at the end of October.



Bronte is a small village on the Etna Volcano. This town is known all over the world for its massive production of fine pistachio. Some call it the “green gold” because Bronte DOP pistachio has a unique and inimitable sweet flavor.

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