Italian Long Pasta

Discover our range of long pasta shapes!

This style of pasta is ideal with thicker sauces which fully coat each pasta ribbon. Be advised that although it’s not technically illegal to cut your pasta with a knife, it is very much frowned upon, so make sure you practice your fork-twirling!


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Bucatini Pasta 1lb - Magnifico Food
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Spaghettoni Pasta 17.6 Oz - Magnifico Food
Fusilli col Buco Pasta with a Hole 17.6 Oz - Magnifico Food
Spaghetti Pasta 1lb - Magnifico Food
Bucatini Pasta 17.6 Oz - Magnifico Food
Linguini Pasta 17.6 Oz - Magnifico Food
Gluten-Free Spaghetti Pasta 12OZ - Magnifico Food
Lasagne Sheets 8.8 Oz
Spaghetti alla Chitarra 8.8 Oz
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Truffle Fettuccine 8.8 Oz
Spaghettoni Tonnarelli 8.8 Oz
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Chilli Pepper Fettuccine 8.8 Oz