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Apr 24, 2020Federico Milone

Agricola Piano's products showcase the diverse qualities of the spectacular region of Puglia. The Azienda Agricola is the only one in the world to preserve and distribute Peranzana Olives in salt water, as well as providing an assorted array of organic extra virgin olive oils. It is the only azienda agricola in the world to produce Olives Peranzana in sea water. They also produce a unique Italian Organic extra virgin olive oil, as well as vegetables preserved in olive oil.


Do you know what “Peranzana” is? Probably not, unless you’re already a fan of Agricola Piano!  This is the only company in the world to produce Peranzana Olives in sea water, and, for that, they have won numerous awards. The “Peranzana” olive is a pure, non-non-hybrid cultivar. The word “peranzana” is a transformation of “provencal,” meaning “coming from Provence.” To understand the taste of the olive, you first need to discover the unique qualities of its spectacular land of origin: Puglia.



The company is located in northern Apulia, bounded by the Dauni mountains to the west, the promontory of Gargano and the Adriatic Sea to the east, and the Fortore river to the north. Puglia has always had an agricultural vocation thanks to its very favorable climactic conditions. Even today, the generous land and the ideal climatic conditions make Apulia one of Italy’s top producers of olive oil, wine, and grapes.



Agricola Piano is not just famous for its olives. The company produces many other unique products, impossible to find anywhere else. Among these treasures is Agricola Piano’s single-source, Peranzana Organic extra virgin olive, an award-winning concoction recognized as among the best in Italy. Agricola Piano also produces vegetables (Artichokes, Tomatoes, Lampascioni, Zucchini, and Aubergines) preserved in extra virgin olive oil; natural flour made from 100% Italian wheat, contains live wheat germ, and no added chemicals; and pasta.



Agricola Piano uses biological cultivation techniques, harvests the best olives at the right degree of maturation, and cold presses them just two hours after cultivation. The resulting taste is moderately bitter and spicy, a typical characteristic of cold-pressed, Novello olive oil, which allows it to have a rich smell and harmonious flavor.



Agricola Piano’s core values are very clear and courageous: “We don’t believe in globalization. We believe that there is a different way of doing business, a way that respects nature and people. Our vision is to spread this new way of doing business with a strong ethical foundation.” Agricola Piano was Founded in 1966 by a family with multi-generational agricultural expertise. Today, Raffaele Piano keeps the tradition alive. The company promises to work with respect towards the environment, to use organic and integrated farming methods, to protect indigenous horticultural varieties and biological diversity, and to pay their employees and our suppliers fairly.

Think about Agricola if you want to “treat yourself to or gift the best of the Italian tradition.”

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