Campo D'Oro

Campo D'Oro

Apr 10, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Campo d’Oro represents the finest culinary traditions of Sicily, one of the most charming islands in the Mediterranean sea. With the gourmet line “Villa Reale,” this boutique, family-run company offers delicatessen and specialties from the beautiful region.

Italian peninsular cuisine is deeply varied and strongly influenced by local traditions. So, for an authentic Italian experience, step outside of the box and try authentic, regional culinary specialties from one of Italy’s 20 regioni! Begin your gastronomic journey on the enchanting island of Sicily. Rich in history and flavor, Sicilian cuisine is among the most varied and healthy in Italy, with influences from all across the Mediterranean. For more than 30 years, Campo d’Oro has been producing an exceptional line of gourmet specialties, representing Sicily’s finest culinary traditions.


Organic Ingredients, Artisanal Methods

Campo d’Oro works with organic, raw ingredients and uses artisanal methods. To preserve freshness, health benefits, and flavor, vegetables and fruits are immediately processed and packaged. Campo d’Oro strictly does not use any chemical additives, preservatives, or colors.


All about soil and nature

Campo d’Oro – run by the Licata family - uses only organic ingredients, growing their produce in the beautiful Sicilian country side. Here, nature is totally uncontaminated: flavors and colors create a perfect harmony with the natural rhythm of the seasons.


Sicilian flavour in one jar

Villa Reale offers 21 different vegetable- or fish-based condiments and sauces celebrating the Mediterranean diet. They are all ready to use—in five minutes, your authentic Villa Reale Sicilian sauce is ready to eat! Try Villa Reale’s signature pâtés as well, which come in 23 vegetable or seafood flavors, perfect for your bruschette or sandwiches. Villa Reale can also satisfy your sweet tooth: deliciously authentic spreads, marmalades, honeys, and gelées complete the collection.

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