Fattorie Cremona: only the best Italian cheese

Fattorie Cremona: only the best Italian cheese

Apr 28, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
Finally, Magnifico can bring to your table also Grana Padano and Provolone. Learn more about this company.

The best cheese of Italy

It's a new entry! Great news for the Magnifico family and hopefully for our customers! Fattorie Cremona will bring to your table the best cheese of Italy. It is an old company, made of quality and determination. Fattorie Cremona was born in the heart of Pianura Padana almost 100 years ago, in 1933. It is not a single-person company. It is the result of the initiative of a group of 19 farmers who made a courageous economic and entrepreneurial choice. They love to present themselves with these words: "A union of ideals, clarity of intentions and a strong bond between the milk providing partners were the characteristics of the co-operative from the very start to be recognized on the market.” We find Grana Padano, Provolone, and fresh cheeses among their best products, as butter and mascarpone.

Grana Padano

Fattorie Cremona is among the most important producers of Grana Padano. It is committed to controlling all production stages, from cattle selection and feeding to processing the milk, and up to the maturing stage in their warehouses. The secret is the milk, which is processed just after being taken from the cowsheds of the partners. Of course, the production process changed over the years. To give the best quality and be on the same page with modernity, today they use the latest technology, but always respecting traditional methods and the values they always believe. The high quality of Grana Padano Fattorie Cremona, characterized by the identification label "CR 106" and "MN 405", is guaranteed by the trademark of the Grana Padano producers' association. It is crucial for the company that the customers know that: "All packaging in the range is vacuum packed, practical, safe and with a long shelf-life: this represents a convenient alternative to fresh cuts and responds fully to the present demands of self-service in Modern Distribution."

Provolone cheese

Cremona, the city where our company was created, is the principal city for the production of provolone cheese. This cheese is an aged pasta filata, usually made in pear, sausage shapes, not bigger than 6 inches. A version of the basic cheese is the smoked provolone.
Provolone is produced using exclusively the whole milk of cows from the cowsheds of the milk-providing partners. After natural acidification, the curd is spun and shaped while warm. 

Provoletta, Salamino and Provolina

These are whole products in small sizes that make the range of Provolone Fattorie Cremona stand out. The different shapes testify to this product's versatility, which was traditionally eaten fresh in small portions and required a short maturing process but long enough to give it the typical taste. Go to our website to be the first one to order this amazing cheese that will increase the quality of your lunches and dinner with friends, family, or by yourself.

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