The sweetest new entry: Dottor Pescia

The sweetest new entry: Dottor Pescia

May 17, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
This company produces honey, and it has the most significant number of beehives in all of Tuscany

The most delicious Tuscan honey 

In 2021 we are keeping our commitment to bring you only the best Italian food, only excellency. Today we want to introduce you to the sweetest new entry in the Magnifico Food team. We worked hard to bring it with us because we think that once you try it, you will enjoy it forever. We are talking about Dr. Pescia company. To Americans, we know this name doesn't ring a bell; yet. In Italy, it is well known as a major honey producer. Just think, it is the company with the most significant number of beehives in all of Tuscany. It is a modern company but is still family-run. The founder is the agronomist Paolo Pescia. That of honey and bees is a little-known but genuinely fascinating world. The techniques that Dr. Pescia still uses to produce his honey talk about a world that we don't experience in our daily life. 

The nomadism

Following this ancient tradition, the hives are moved to different areas of Tuscany, following the prominent blooms. The goal is to produce mono-floral kinds of honey (i.e., obtained from the flowering of a single plant: acacia, chestnut, rosemary, etc.) and wildflower honey. Which is your favorite honey flavor? Dr. Pescia has it. Acacia honey, forest honey, chestnut honey, sunflower honey, strawberry tree honey, and many others. This honey will give your palate the authentic flavor of these herbs and the typical sweetness of honey. The best quality is ensured by always choosing uncontaminated and protected places, such as the Abetone forest, in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany. The whole team of Dr. Pescia is committed every day to follow the seasonal blooms, checking the work of the bees and their health. Dr. Paolo Pescia is an expert in beekeeping. He is well known in Italy; he is often sought after for conferences and university lectures. He is also very involved in spreading the knowledge of typical Tuscan honey. Honey and the techniques to produce it are his passion. This is why about 25 years ago, he decided to create the company that bears his name. He inherited this passion from his father.

Not only honey… 

Doctor Pescia does not only produce pure honey but also other products that are based on honey. Like idromele, which is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of water and honey. It is a very ancient liqueur, used 5,000 thousand years ago also by the Egyptians. It has a sweet flavor that goes well with dessert. Other products include honey candies and various honey-based beauty products for the body. Honey is emollient, moisturizing, sebum-regulating, propolis has a purifying action, pollen a restorative action. This company represents true Italian excellence, and the Magnifico team is delighted to work with Dottor Pescia. We hope you do too.

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