Oct 18, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

In Italy, Levoni is synonymous with tradition, excellence, and flavors. Since 1911, from the very first salami produced, this family-owned company has never compromised on quality.


In pursuit of excellence

From the beautiful city of Mantua, in northern Italy, the mission of the fourth generation of the Levoni family is to pursue excellence in producing a wide range of high-quality cured meats without ever forgetting the great Italian tradition. Levoni's strength is to guarantee "artisan quality with industrial volumes and safety." Only the best Italian meats, the most natural flavors, and the most delicate spices become Levoni. "In our sought-after choices – they say - every day we respect the most precious gifts mother nature has to offer us. In every gesture and action, we are guided by our mission to help improve everyone's well-being and quality of life. Our family vocation is the continuous pursuit of excellence without compromise, to bring unique flavors to those who choose our products."


Only Italian meats 

How are Levoni's cured meats created? First of all, choosing the most careful selection of farms; another essential piece is the quality control throughout the supply chain and the search for the finest ingredients. These products are made from strictly 100% Italian meats. All of the 300 types of Italian-certified cured meats bearing the Levoni brand come from premium quality meats of pigs born, bred and processed in Italy. Levoni is proud to bring the whole Italian heritage worldwide: they are present in over 50 countries, in Europe, U.S.A., South America and Asia.


Fine herbs and natural flavorings

Levoni uses spices, fine herbs, and natural flavorings coming from all over the world, which are carefully processed to keep their aroma and taste properties. For example, their pistachios come from Bronte, the Italian capital of delicious pistachios; the sea salt comes rigorously from Sicily. The smoking process is made using exclusively fine woods, perfect for a unique flavor. 


Our selection

The delicatessen produced by Levoni can be enjoyed by everyone because they are gluten-free and do not contain lactose. Magnifico is very proud to present its selection of Levoni cured meats. Our assortment includes Milano, gently spiced salami, with a delicate flavor of walnut and white pepper; Rustico, tasty and lightly spicy salami, with a note of white pepper; Capocollo, the typical cured meat of Campania, Puglia, and Calabria. It consists of a single cut of whole meat – the pig neck - salted and flavored with spices and paprika; Piccante, spicy salami with chili pepper; Finocchio, salami with wild fennel seeds. 

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