Buon San Valentino!

Buon San Valentino!

Feb 14, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

It's Valentine's Day! Nothing says "I love you" more than a pleasing meal

The season of love

It is February 14 again…San Valentino! The most romantic day of the year! Lovers from around the world unite! It is love season. Have you stocked up on flowers, romantic red and pink cards, heart-shaped chocolates, and sweet gifts to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day – of course - originated in Italy

Did you know that the history of the Day of love dates back to ancient Rome? Yes, we Italians - the universal experts of love - invented Valentine's Day, of course. Valentine of Terni is a Christian saint and martyr, bishop of the Umbrian city from 197 to 273. It is celebrated on February 14, remembering when a Roman soldier decapitated him under Emperor Aurelian's orders. According to tradition, the feast of St. Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I to replace the "Lupercalia," a pagan festival in which people offered rituals to the god of fertility Luperco. The pope decided to turn St. Valentine into the protector of lovers.

Fun facts about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a business. Simpler than that. National Retail Foundation notes that Americans spent just under 30 billion on Valentine's Day gifts ($2.4 billion on candy alone). Valentine's Day – with 145 million Valentine's Day cards exchanged - is the second biggest holiday for cards, it comes only after Christmas. Also, around 30 million Americans celebrate their pets with Valentine's Day presents. Sweet note: about 6 million couples get engaged on Valentine's Day. Auguri!

February 15 is SAD, Single Awareness Day!

Did you know that there is also a day dedicated to singles? SAD (Single Awareness Day) – alias an excuse to binging on self-gifted chocolates - is celebrated on February 15.  

Cooking is love made visible

Once, the Latino American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez said, "The people who give you their food give you their heart." As Italians, we cannot agree more! Remember once again Elsa Morante, the beloved Italian writer and novelist; she stated that the most accurate and most authentic expression of love is "Did you eat?". She was right because sharing food is like sharing love. In 1992 Gary Demonte Chapman, American author and radio talk show host, wrote one of the most famous American New York Times bestseller, "The 5 Love Languages." According to this book, we as human beings express love and feel loved in return in five different ways: words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Well, today, human behavior expert Patrick Wanis is pretty confident to say that there's a sixth omnipotent love language. Of course, it is food! "Food incorporates all the other five languages and all five senses – says Dr. Wanis - It's a very powerful way of creating a connection and expressing love." 
So, this Valentine's Day, tell them you love them by preparing a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, made with passion and love. Of course, make sure it's an Italian meal: success is assured!

Chocolate and more chocolate

If food is one of the languages of love, chocolate is undoubtedly the poetry of love. That's why a perfect way to declare your unconditional love remains the gift of chocolate. But be careful, choose only the highest quality chocolate! We at Magnifico recommend the fine selection of Venchi and Campo d’Oro chocolates.

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