Bad luck? Use this natural ingredients!

Bad luck? Use this natural ingredients!

Feb 16, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
Superstitious people really think salt, garlic and basil work. Let's see how these ingredients work!

Keep away bad luck!

After we had a 2020 full of difficulties, the whole world rests its hopes in this new year. To keep away bad luck, superstitious people have thought of everything, including at the table, playing around with all the legendary meanings of food. With a pinch of fun, Magnifico team wants to remind you today just some of the most used culinary tricks in Italy, against monsters, vampires, and bad luck.

Ingredients to drive away bad energies

Our readers have always been very attentive to the quality of the ingredients they bring to the table, they try to eat organic and recreate the aromas of the Italian culinary tradition. We know which foods are very good for our health and which ones we should try to avoid. Here, however, today we will see together some natural ingredients that in ancient times were used to drive away bad energies. And happy Friday 13th!


It is considered one of the greatest fears of vampires. Do you remember the fiction "Dracula"? Garlic is used from many cultures to keep evil spirits and bad luck at bay. Sometimes, people put it on the garden, or in a house room, or the most superstitious love to leave garlic at the main entrance. Nobody cares about the pungent smell that fills the house.


Salt can have two functions. It can bring bad luck, but a remedy can counterbalance its bad energies. Let's see them. Legend says that spilling some of that good old sodium chloride might bring you some bad luck. Nobody knows why, but some think it is because it was difficult to procure salt in ancient societies, for which reason it was deemed very valuable. So, spilling it was considered a big waste, which fast was translated into carelessness, bringing one bad luck.
But there is a way to reverse the bad luck: you have to throw a pinch over your shoulder, and les jeux sont faits.

Bread always right-side up

Italians can't live without bread. For us, bread, aside from its delicious flavor, has many meanings. But there is one thing you have to be careful: never, never place it upside-down on the table. In the past, it was considered disrespectful.


People have long believed that basil grants protection from bad luck and evil. Placing it at the home's main entrance and on windows will keep wicked forces away.

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