February 13 is National tortellini day!

February 13 is National tortellini day!

Feb 13, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

Did you know that even the delicious tortellini stuffed pasta have their national holiday? Use #TortelliniDay to post on social media your favorite tortellini.

The most famous stuffed pasta

Is February 13, National Tortellini Day: indulge in this delicious Italian stuffed pasta. This Italian pasta is famous worldwide. Traditionally the filling is a mix of meats with ham, mortadella, parmesan, and nutmeg. It is a first course traditionally served in broth, with capon or hen. The origins of tortellini are very complicated, representing a battleground between two cities Modena and Bologna, both in Emilia Romagna region. All this area has a strong tradition of filled pasta, of course with numerous variations. Tortellini - a signature dish - is one of Emilia Romagna par excellence's gastronomic symbols, recognized worldwide. Filled pasta was used to celebrate unique moments, such as religious holidays or weddings.

Fun facts about tortellini

According to Three Bridges' research, 92% of Americans enjoy tortellini, and only less than 1% hate it. Which states love tortellini the most? Missouri, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois. About 39% of Americans believe tortellini is fancier than other pasta. Favorite tortellini filling? Americans pick cheese as their favorite tortellini filling.

The legend

Of course, there is a fascinating story about tortellini…and it involves a goddess and her beautiful navel. Yes, her navel! According to the legend, after a long journey, Venus - the goddess of love and beauty - was resting in a tavern on Bologna's outskirts. She was traveling with gods Bacchus and Mars. The owner saw the ineffable beauty of Venus through the keyhole of her room. Catching a glimpse of her perfect navel, he was inspired to create a unique "pasta tribute." He ran to the kitchen and shaped a fresh egg pasta resembling the divine navel. How fascinating?

A tradition to be preserved 

The city of Bologna protects its tradition with the Dotta Confraternita del Tortellino (The Learned Brotherhood of Tortellini), a local organization founded in 1965 and dedicated to preserving the original recipe of tortellini. During their meetings, the members wear a picturesque costume with a red and gold mantle and gold tortellini necklaces.

A recipe? Unleash your imagination

Although the original Bolognese recipe calls for tortellini to be served in broth, there are many variations - absolutely delicious - that allow for dressing with sauces. There are countless ways to prepare a tortellini dish. You are spoiled for choice. You may want to grace your tortellini with a tomato sauce, with a simple butter and sage sauce, pesto, or a timeless tomato sauce. In any case, we at Magnifico have the right sauce for you!

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