Magnifico: We start from the tradition

Magnifico: We start from the tradition

Feb 11, 2021Donatella Mulvoni

It’s been a while now that we have been on this journey together. Post after post, we tried to bring you into the culture of our beautiful country. We did it, and we will continue to do it, telling you about our culinary tradition linked to our way of life today. That's why, we thought to start this 2021 promoting a new advertising campaign, with a series of videos  that explain in a few clips what is for us Magnifico Food. To give a visual of we have been describing so far. 

Our grandma and her grandson

The commercial features a sassy Italian nonna and her grandson and shows you how easy it is for everybody to recreate, everywhere you are, the Italian flavors. You just need a click, as the “nonna” explains to his grandson. She represents for us what we want to be for you: a body of tradition and authenticity in a dress made of modern tools, like: shopping online, transportation, and digital information. With the Magnifico Food website, it’s a click away to make you feel like you really are in Italy, without having to leave your house in the United States. We are now out with the second video of our series, that we really recommend you to follow. Once you do it, we are sure you will get addicted to our fabulous grandma and to his clumsy grandson. All the scenes are filmed in the kitchen and the conversations between them are always funny, but also rich in information on how you can use at your best all the opportunities Magnifico wants to give you to experience Italy. 

Italian artisanal products are modern!

"The goal - says its founder Alessio Gambino - is to raise awareness among the new generation of consumers on a more mindful use of true Italian artisanal products. Italian cuisine is often seen as something associated with older people, bearers of values and knowledge that are difficult to pass onto younger people, especially nowadays. What we really think is that there is no age to beauty, taste and quality. Also, thanks to the digital opportunities, elders can break the age barriers and be able to be modern and stay abreast, while young people could enrich themselves keeping in mind all the traditional tips for a life rich in wellness. The Italian artisanal products are, for sure, an aspect of the well-known Italian way of life. We think Magnifico is the perfect platform for well-informed and educated consumers. The pandemic has led people to rely more on online ordering, experiment with new dishes, and bring out from each of us culinary aptitudes, perhaps still hidden.

The video

If you want to become fans of our video series, here are the links: 

More than 400 Italian specialties

Magnifico Food sells more than 400 different Italian food traditions products online and aims to exceed 1000 references in the coming months. Magnifico Food sells only 100% Italian products, tells the story and the origin, combines them in recipes easy to prepare at home, maintains lower selling prices than traditional retail by importing directly from producers and selling to consumers without intermediation third parties. This ensures the authenticity of the products and compliance with all Food and Drug Administration regulations.

A team effort

A special thanks to the companies that have already enthusiastically embraced our project (Venchi, Agromonte, Zucchi, Muraglia, Rummo, Pasta Cuomo, Redoro, Caffè Aiello, Miscela d'Oro, Savini Tartufi, etc.) and that helps us to perform with their excellent products, content, and shares on social networks, in a team effort that allow us to invest even more in a difficult and competitive market like the American one.

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