Buona festa del papà!

Buona festa del papà!

Jun 17, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

It is Father's Day! The best gift for your dad? One of our Magnifico Boxes.

Happy Father's Day papà!

Father's Day in the US is on the third Sunday of June. In Italy, instead, we celebrate Father's Day on March 19th every year because it is the feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus). In both nations, this celebration honors fathers and father figures playing an essential role in our lives. These people have taught us the essence of life, even most simply and spontaneously. As a great Italian writer, Umberto Eco, once said, "I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd times when they are not trying to teach us. We are formed from these little fragments of wisdom."

How to celebrate

We recommend, therefore, that you dedicate this day to the father figures who have contributed to your life. There are many ways to celebrate fathers. Busy lives often give us no respite and significantly limit our time to devote to our family. On occasions such as these, however-but, not only on these occasions-it is essential to commit ourselves to find time to honor those we love. The greatest gift you can give them is sure to spend precious time with them. You could, for example, cook with them! Cooking is one of the activities that best builds bonds.

Our gift ideas

A thoughtful gift is just what we need to show our affection. We offer a series of elegant and beautiful gift boxes to give to your "papà" for Father's Day. As you well know, food is the language of love for us Italians! Here are some of the options you will find on our site.

Pizza box

Give your father everything he needs to make pizza from scratch. This box contains Italian' 00' Organic Soft Wheat Flour; gluten-free brewery yeast; basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Agromonte's Passata of Cherry Tomato. 

Pasta box

If you choose to give high quality pasta as a gift, you will never go wrong! It will always be an extremely welcome gift. It represents the essence of Italy! Our box contains: long Pasta Rummo; extra virgin olive oil from Apulia Region; tomato sauce.

Fish box

This version of pasta sauces is fish-based. A classy option for a dad who loves the flavors of the sea. In the box you will find: long Pasta Rummo; short Pasta Rummo; tomato sauce with clams; tomato sauce with red shrimps from Mazara; tomato sauce with tuna & fennel.

Truffle box

It is the perfect box for truffle lovers! This box contains casarecce gluten-free truffle pasta; truffle risotto ready to cook; butter and truffle; sliced truffle in oil; porcini mushrooms and truffle puree; olive oil with white truffle.

Tomato and pasta box

If your father loves Italy, choose this box. It manages to contain the very essence of Italian cuisine. This special box is perfect for creating your ideal pasta. It contains: cherry tomato marinara pasta; cherry tomato pasta sauce with ricotta cheese; penne ziti rigate; cherry tomato marinara pasta sauce. 

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