It is World's Picnic Day!

It is World's Picnic Day!

Jun 17, 2022Donatella Mulvoni

On June 18th we celebrate picnics, a tradition traced to Europe and the French Revolution. Here are our tips for the perfect basket to take with you.

A tradition born after the French Revolution

Picnics have been popular all over the world. They are a fantastic way to bring people together for a relaxing and pleasant outdoor day. Did you know that picnics didn't exist until the French Revolution in 1789? During that historical period, public parks became available. This is why the French are credited with the creation of modern picnics. The word comes from French piquenique, meaning a meal eaten outdoors.

Also popular in America

Picnics are a also beloved in America. According to a survey, more than half of Americans (55%) love outdoor activities like picnics during the warm season. All that is needed is a park where picnicking is allowed. In the United States and Italy, there are endless options, even in the most remote areas.

How to celebrate International Picnic Day

Easier than that: just go and have a picnic! What do you need for the perfect picnic? A lovely park, good friends, a well-stocked basket of food, a cooler with drinks, and a blanket. International Picnic Day is also the perfect excuse to explore a new park in your city. A great idea is to plan also some team games, so bring a frisbee or a ball! If you are in Italy - needless to say - you will indeed have a soccer ball with you for a "partitella," a friendly game among friends. International Picnic Day it's extremely easy to celebrate and we love it because it is the quintessence of a social holiday. Another immense advantage is the fact that after the party, there will not be an entire house to tidy up; all you will have to do is pick up the accumulated trash, making sure you leave the park clean and neat. Last but not least, don't forget to share your photos on social media using #NationalPicnicDay.

Picnic all'italiana

We usually call picnic a "scampagnata" in Italy, meaning a little field trip to the countryside outdoors. The most popular foods at Italians' picnics are panini (sandwiches) with salami, ham, prosciutto, mortadella, cheese, tuna salad, and frittatas. Also, a picnic specialty is frittata di pasta, a pasta omelet, which is very easy to make and take with you. One thing that is never missing from Italian picnic baskets is a large bowl full of rice salad. It really is a must for Italians. The rice is usually topped with vegetables of all kinds and hard-boiled eggs, tuna, and a dollop of mayonnaise. The most popular fruit at picnics, then, is watermelon. In Italy, summer watermelons are delicious. The beverages depend a lot on preferences. Usually, the choice falls on white wines and beer.

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