Diet is More Important than the GYM

Diet is More Important than the GYM

Jan 21, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

On paper, the holidays always look simply magical; the one time of the year that everyone waits for with the most anticipation. But when this season of chaotic merriment knocks on our door, sometimes we are tempted not to open. Even for Italians, who love tradition like nothing else.



There are a lot of statistics which say that many experience anxiety and stress during the holidays. To get together with our relatives is wonderful, but sometimes after a day all together you feel heavier than a day at work! As Christmas time demands a lot of energy, it can put an added stress on the body. Too much food, too many calories, sugar, carbs, desserts. Many of us put on some weight that takes time and dedication to lose.



Stop freaking out. Don’t even think about extreme measures. They never work in the long run. Many of us tend to believe that going to the gym every day in January after a year of sedentary life could be the solution for everything. So sorry, it’s not true. To be back in shape, a healthy diet is far more important than exercise. Let’s be clear, to move (in every way possible, going to the gym, running, walking, etc) is important to stay healthy in your body and in your mind. As the Latins love to say “Mens sana in corpore sano.” But it’s also true that going to the gym without planning what you are going to eat, is not a wise decision. 



The first rule is to have patience, short cuts never work! Second, start doing something that is easy but we often forget: drink a lot of water. Third, carbs are not your enemy. Eat them! They are a healthy source of energy. Something you can do is to choose whole wheat pasta and bread. And as a condiment, try veggie or raw olive oil. Cut back on the salt. There are plenty of natural and healthy spices you can use instead. Avoid anything fried -  this one is a tempting enemy of any diet. Start working out, especially in the morning if you can, 3 times a week. But after one hour of training, don’t go back at home thinking you deserve to eat everything you find on the fridge. That’s wrong!



There are many kinds of diets out there, you choose the one you feel more comfortable with. As Italians, we always say that the Mediterranean diet is healthy, balanced and full of natural food. Whatever you feel is the best diet for you, keep in mind that extreme measures will never be a healthy choice. Visit our website for some healthy recipes or to have a good selection of quality Italian products.

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