Food trends in quarantine… are still here

Food trends in quarantine… are still here

May 15, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
It's more than a year now we were forced to be in quarantine to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Many things have changed since then. Also, our habits in the kitchen. 

More time, more homemade meals

Of course, we had to stay home, work from home, eat at home all the time. Especially in New York many of us were used to having the kitchen more like a home decoration instead of an actual room where to prepare meals for lunch and dinner. Now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's curious to see which habits we will keep in our ordinary life. Having more time, the majority of us enjoyed trying to cook new dishes. It's something that will stay because the quarantine taught that everybody can cook, each of us can prepare a meal, just following simple rules, or blogs, or recipes.  

Homemade pizza...the queen!

Among the trends that will stay in our lives, it will be homemade pizza. It's fun, healthy, social and cheap to prepare it at home, so why wouldn't we keep it with us? Another trend is the homemade breakfast, and here the champion is banana bread. So many people in the United States enjoyed trying to make it. In Italy too, we tried to make so many different kinds of bread. Of course, people are not buying yeast like during the pandemic, but it's something that once in a while, families will keep doing. If we want to find a good side of this past quarantine, homemade food is part of it. Among other habits that stay in place, we found that people started to eat more fruits and vegetables, and they keep doing it; fewer meals already prepared or in a can, the trend to cook a bit at home is still there. Many families worldwide started to learn how to cook pasta, for example, or other dishes of our culinary tradition. The recipes of the best Italian food are not a secret anymore for many of you.

The weirdest trend? Cloud bread

In the United States, American media registered a few particular trends during the quarantine that were very popular on social media, and it looks like people want to still have them in their life. One is pancake cereal. Many went crazy for these mini pancakes, which you had to cook and pour into a bowl with some maple syrup and milk. Another dish is cloud bread: a homemade bread that looks like a fluffy cloud when it's ready. To make it more realistic, a lot of people like to use food coloring. And you? If you are reading us, you want to have to your house the best Italian food and, like us and many more, you like to cook at home, or at least you are curious to learn. Keep reading our blog to become more creative and learn about the dishes and let us know the most particular dish you tried to prepare during quarantine or these days. 

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