New ways of aperitivo with Magnifico Food!

New ways of aperitivo with Magnifico Food!

May 06, 2021Donatella Mulvoni
Aperitivo… it's an Italian funny, social and amazing tradition, but it is now international.

We love aperitivo!

Even people who don't usually drink love it. Kids too! It doesn't have to be alcoholic, everybody can create their own aperitivo; you need some friends and the best Italian finger food. In general, we call aperitivo a drink/light meal that you can have at home or at the bar before dinner. The distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who also created one of the first types of vermouth in Turin in 1786, shaped the modern concept of aperitivo. The model changed over the years. Many can think it's similar to the American happy hour, but it's not. In the United States happy hour it's a particular moment of the day where you can drink some wine and beer at a discounted price. 

It's a simple concept: food plus drinks!

Aperitivo is actually a concept; you don't find cheap drinks. Usually, people do it around 7 pm, after work. It's a combination of drinks and some food. The most popular drink for aperitivo is the Aperol Spritz, but you can also have wine, a Negroni if you prefer, or juice. Usually, the aperitivo is accompanied by "stuzzichini," a variety of tasty bites that can be served together with your drink. For a bit more than the price of a drink, the aperitif moment can turn into an "apericena," which may become your dinner. 

Aperitivo at home

If you are having the aperitivo outside, you go to a bar, not at the restaurant in Italy. We talked many times about this very Italian tradition. Today we want to address the topic to show you different ways to make it at home. Simple tips for creating a great time with your friends and family using tasty ingredients but also not too fat! The Magnifico team has excellent news for you. We are starting importing in the United States "fresco food," fresh food with a short expiration date, like cheese, for example. The new entry will give you many options for a variety of Aperitivo… so you will never get tired of inviting your friends at home for a drink. Let's start with the typical beverages that you can prepare easily at home. Aperol spritz, for example. You need to have Aperol, a bottle of prosecco, some club soda, and slices of orange. Two ounces of Aperol, the rest is prosecco and a splash of soda. Of course, you need to fill up the glass with a lot of ice. If you prefer white wine, go for it. 


Magnifico has so many ideas for your "stuzzichini"

For the stuzzichini, you can make some bruschetta. With our creams and sauces selection will be very easy. We have Taggiasche olives or asparagus cream made by Agromonte company. Or you can use a walnut sauce made by Frantoio D'Oneglia if you want a crunchy moment. During aperitivo, taralli are always welcomed by everybody. Magnifico has a good selection of it, too: Natur Puglia offers us the traditional flavor, or the "cacio e pepe" taralli. Made by Terre di Puglia, you can find Taralli with fennel flavor. If you have a loaf of good bread, instead of making only bruschettas, you can use it fresh to serve with some vegetables in oil, like grilled artichokes by Coelsanus, or the caponata from Agromonte.
It would be nice if you have some olives, but also cheese. Cheese is the king of aperitivo. That's why we really invite you to try our new entry: Provolone from Fattorie Cremona, it can be spicy or sweet. Provolone cheese is an aged pasta filata, produced in pear or sausage shapes. With some Parmigiano cheese, it is very appropriate with any kind of drink you choose to have! Guys don't be shy; go to the Magnifico website and check all the new Italian items we bring to the United States for you. You promised you the first day: with us only the best Italian food.

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