Make your loved ones' Christmas a little sweeter!

Make your loved ones' Christmas a little sweeter!

Dec 15, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

Here are Magnifico offers for a very delicious celebration


When love comes in a box

Food is always a wonderful gift idea… this unprecedented Christmas like never before! If the pandemic forces you to stay away from your beloved friends or relatives, let your love reach them, perhaps well packed in one of our beautiful Magnifico gift boxes. When your loved ones open the "box of wonders," they will find the best Italian products, authentic gastronomic specialties that come from artisan and top-notch local producers! From pasta produced in Gragnano, the Italian "Capital of pasta"; to chocolate produced by Venchi, our master chocolatier from Torino since 1878; to the touch of class of our collection of precious Carandini Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, produced of course in Modena.  


Panettone and Pandoro

Anyone who loves Italy knows that it is literally impossible to celebrate this festival without traditional sweets. You can forget everything, but not the panettone and pandoro. It is not Christmas without them! According to the tradition, we exchange as a gift these sweetbreads between friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers ... without forgetting to add a nice bottle of prosecco or sparkling wine (no champagne, please, we are Italians!!). Check our magnificent selection of top-notch Panettone (a delicious sweet bread originally from Milan) and Pandoro (a sweet bread from Verona, dusted with vanilla-scented icing sugar).


The Agromonte box 

If you want to impress your friends and give them a really tasty Christmas, give them a beautiful box of Agromonte products. Agromonte gastronomic specialties come from Sicily's charming land, produced by Agricola Monterosso in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a delightful town in the province of Ragusa. Why did we choose Agromonte? Because this small company produces very high-quality products, thanks to the rigorous and very strict selection of raw materials. This allows the company to guarantee the absolute quality of the product that arrives on our tables. The Agromonte Gift Box is a little Italian jewel! You will find everything you need to create from scratch a perfect Italian meal with tomato sauces and pasta rigorously made in Italy ready to use: cherry tomato pasta sauce; cherry tomato pasta sauce with basil; penne rigate by Molisana.


And to finish... indulge in a steaming cup of coffee!

You can't finish an Italian Christmas lunch or dinner without a cup of coffee: strictly "ristretto," smoking hot. The good news is that throughout this festive period, Magnifico has reserved for its loyal customers a 30% discount on our coffees by Aiello and Miscela d'Oro.

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