Panettone vs Pandoro

Panettone vs Pandoro

Dec 15, 2019Donatella Mulvoni

They are the most iconic and beloved holidays cakes, but, since the dawn of time, they have presented Italians with an impossible choice: Panettone or Pandoro?

Christmas isn't Christmas Without Panettone and Pandoro

When it comes to the “most wonderful time of the year,” Italians don't mess around: they want panettone and pandoro on their holiday tables. These are two iconic Christmas soft cakes from northern Italy.  They seem to have similar shapes, but they are completely different. Let’s learn the differences between these delicious specialties.


Culinary historians are divided about the origins of panettone. There are two schools of thought: some believe that it was born in Milan, other believe that its origins lie in Pavia. In any case, its homeland is Lombardia. Panettone is a sweet yeast bread, and the name literally means “big bread.”  Traditionally it comes in a “cupola” shape. It is also filled with delicious raisin and candied fruits, usually citrus rinds. The key characteristic of panettone is the long process it takes to make it: before being baked, the dough has to rise and fall three times.


Unlike panettone, the origin of this Christmas delicacy is confirmed: pandoro was born in the beautiful city of Verona, the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. The names pandoro literally means “golden bread.” The primary ingredient is butter. The unique shape of pandoro is reminiscent of a star, and it is traditionally dusted with powdered sugar.

 Contermporary Versions

It is useful to know that is impossible to make panettone and pandoro at home: the process for both cakes is extremely elaborated and difficult. Many pastry chefs today challenge tradition and create new and exciting fillings for panettone and pandoro. You will find cakes filled with chocolate chips, and an infinite variety of delicious creams.

 After Christmas

After the holidays, is an Italian tradition to use the panettone and pandoro leftovers to create delicious desserts like tiramisù. Sliced pandoro and panettone are perfect also to create a Nutella trifle! Last but not least, these cakes are the ultimate treat for your festive breakfast: try to toast them and soak them in your coffee or cappuccino!

 Magnifico’s Christmas Selection

If you can’t decide which team to choose, Magnifico get you covered: buy both! We have an incredible assortment of high-quality and traditional panettone and pandoro. Try our selection of imported delicatessens from boutique companies like Cova and Fiasconaro. We bet you'll love both!

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