Panini VS Sandwiches

Panini VS Sandwiches

Sep 15, 2020Donatella Mulvoni

No, they are not the same! Check out our new blog to learn more



Both panini and sandwiches are an important part of Italian and American culture, and, while “sandwich” is the American word for “panino,” the Italian and American preparations do have some slight differences. Just like in the US, Italian children bring panini to school, and adults turn to them as a favorite on-the-go meal. 



We often use the words “sandwich” and “panini” as synonyms, but the two are actually not the same thing: let's explore what makes them different. A sandwich is a more generic concept: two slices of bread and something in between. A panino (since in italian panini is plural) is a sandwich made specifically with Italian bread, like ciabatta or focaccia, and italian ingredients.



For Italians, panini are usually a snack rather than a meal, though our habits are changing. An iconic panino is rosetta with mortadella. This kind of bread is a roll with a shape reminiscent of a rose. It is not the lightest bread, though it is tasty, rich, and crumbly. When we use mortadella, a cured pork meat similar to American Bologna, we don’t usually add any cheese or vegetables. Focaccia is also a perfect pairing for mortadella. 

Another very popular panino is Ciabatta stuffed with prosciutto crudo and provola cheese; or with tuna, tomatoes, and some mayo. Italians also love tramezzini, which are triangular Italian sandwiches made with two slices of soft white bread, or what we call toast, grilled white bread stuffed with prosciutto cotto and cheese. 



If you are vegan, vegetarian, or if you simply don’t like meat, try filling your panini with Agromonte’s delicious vegetables in oil and sauces for a superb snack.

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